The Undertow

On the surface, the water flows a certain direction. Below the surface, the water pulls in the opposite direction. This metaphorical view is how I am recognizing many people in my personal world this morning.

The personal experience of being caught up within an undertow while swimming, as well as my line while fishing, had me thinking about just how others will relentlessly pull one in the opposite direction. The opposite direction of moving forward, or continuing in the proper ways to become more whole. Pulling us down and back, in the opposite direction of where the Lord of our heart desires for us to remain.

Am I the only one who feels this way? No. I’m confident, I am not.

Really, Christian, let us observe some truths.

These people I am speaking of are confessing Christians. The church goers, the lovely people who put on a front that covers an ugliness that is only presented at times, usually away from the groups. In one-on-one situations. I know a pastor who consistently believes that it is okay to talk down to individuals. I know a woman whose lies continue to form a wedge between her and her family. There is a guy who believes that I need to attend his church based on his personal observation, never knowing what I do and what my personal relationship is with the Lord. There are “cult Christians” who want to argue their man-made views with me and long for me to change, or in other words, totally forget the facts of the Bible, in order for me to appease their lies. I’m called to love these people, and I sometimes find it very difficult to love those who desire to place themselves within the undertow. All the while, believing they are on the surface along with me, heading in the right direction.

I love them by praying for them, and continuing on my surface. I’ve witnessed enough of the undertow, and frankly I’m sick of it.

I appreciate those who are in my life and walk beside me as we individually, and collectively float along the surface. Those who are aware of the undertow, and just what the result of that force can do to us all. I am grateful for those who rise above the forceful flesh and the things thereof which cause us to lose sight of land. His land, ahead.  The ones who abide in Him. The ones who know His true love and grace.

Here’s the kicker; I am part of that undertow. I really always have been. Throughout the years, I have been “that guy.” I’ve lost so many because of it. Jealousy. Rage. Anger. Sometimes hate. All of the characteristics of an undertow. The force that pulls in the opposite direction of the way to the feet of our Lord. Maybe that is why I avoid? Maybe that is why I walk away? The desires have changed within my heart, and I have to keep moving forward. I have to just pray for those who place themselves in the undertow. I have love to distribute, and I cannot do so while placing myself in the ugly waters that carry the polluted away from Him.

Do you personally remain on the surface, or contribute, and/or place yourself within the undertow?




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