With No Desire To Change

“How’s that working for ya?” Doctor Phillip McGraw, an American television personality, author, psychologist, and the host of the television show Dr. Phil, has used this quote within his program many times throughout its debut in 2002. Although I have only watched the program a few times, the phrase has stuck with me.

This program usually has families that have faced some sort of turmoil because of their ignorance, poor decisions and/or the failure to understand the consequences of their actions. The guests supposedly come onto the show to seek Dr. Phil’s wisdom, with the hope of finding a better way to reach some sort of peace.

Like many other programs, the secular view is limited. Limited in the sense of a psychological standpoint. There is also the possibility of the whole program being a big, fake production all together. I don’t really care if it is or not. The focus is more on the meat of the quote and the limits of psychology. Whether or not Dr. Phil, his guests, his license, the production and the topics are true is really irrelevant.

So, how is “that” working for ya? How are the decisions that you make, even with the help of a Psychologist, or with the help of a self-help tool, working for you? On the program, Dr. Phil will listen to the explanations and logic of his guests, and most times the ‘how is that working’ response is, in my opinion, a subtle way of getting the audience to acknowledge the guest’s ignorance. It just goes to show how Hollywood is destroying our minds with useless programming. Also my opinion.

Where is God in all of this?

Whether or not others find the help of Dr. Phil useful is totally their business. For myself, I see how the analyzation and reasoning of psychology is limited without factoring in the Lord. The creator of the mind. I also find no reasonable rationalization without the factor of sin. Both absolutely have to be acknowledged when dealing with this complicated life, as well as our complicated minds. The believer has to acknowledge both when dealing with the complications of life and mind. There are those who go through life with no acknowledgement of He who is the Alpha and Omega. Searching life, desperately trying to find refuge within themselves or others. Within this life of tribulation, we have to see that the Lord through Jesus Christ, and Christ alone, is the answer to those things that psychology, self-help, and most definitely Dr. Phil cannot solve.

I have learned much from Psychologists, and their education has brought me out of unhealthy patterns within my thought processes. Thank God for the doctors of the world! I also know that the brain is a complicated blob of mush that is barely understood. A blob that was created by the all-knowing Creator of the universe. Can Science explain the blob? Even the wisest cannot create it, or explain it in its entirety, but yet the wise choose to use science as an explanation to our creation and existence? How’s that working for you?

“That.” That rationalization without the Lord. That psychology without the Lord. That turmoil without the Lord. That correction to ignorance without He who became flesh in order to lead us all into truth. That shaky ground beneath the feet without the solidarity that only He can provide. All of the worldly stuff that breaks us down and leaves us shaken into fragmented piles, full of hopelessness and question. Placing some of us on a television program with the whole world laughing at the ignorance. Leaving some in a state of emptiness at the end of the day.

How is a life without Jesus working for you?

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