As One Flesh

My family and I used to attend a church in the city we had once lived in. There were a lot of nice people there. Many older couples who had long been a part of that church still attended when we were present.

Mr. and Mrs. C. were always extremely nice to us. The husband was always very witty, and he would always bring a smile to my face as we would gab. I vividly remember his love for the Lord. That love was expressed time and time again as we would talk before and after a production.

He told me a story about his dying mother, and if I recall correctly, how she had fought a debilitating case of rheumatoid arthritis in her last days. He spoke of how her hands were knotted and restricted so badly that they weren’t of much use. Tightened. They wouldn’t lie flat. He told me the story of the time that she was dying, and how he was holding her hand. I can’t remember specifics, but I do remember the tears of sorrow, as well as joy, that fell from his eyes as he told me. He said that as she died, she had her personal experience with God and her hands loosened, lying totally flat. His words and expressions as he told me that story has so much emphasis on the part the Lord had played at that very moment in his life.

I believe Mr. C. had true faith in the Lord. His vibrant and honest love for Him not only was evident that day, but every time I spoke with him. I haven’t seen him in a while. I pray that he is doing well.

We were having fellowship one afternoon in the basement of that church. A couple there had tied the knot and the church was celebrating their union. My wife and I had sat next to Mr. and Mrs. C. All of the married couples were instructed to write a short note about how to make a marriage last. The notes would placed in a bottle that the newlyweds would break in one year. The notes would then be read. As my wife and I were brainstorming and coming up with what to write within our note, we had asked Mr. and Mrs. C. what had made their marriage last. Without hesitation, they both simultaneously said, “Jesus!”

Failed marriages. How often we hear about them these days. One of my parents is going through a break-up right now. My wife and I both have been through them. We hear about celebrities getting married and breaking up soon after. Why is this? Sure, there are many reasons why. Infidelity. Money issues. Some people only get together for the wrong reasons, such as loneliness or security. Some are looking for love, but never truly know what love looks like. They hook up because of the good sex life, or the wealth of the other. The union of man and woman seems to have pretty loose bindings these days. It is that knot that is tied at marriage that becomes loosened as we get to know each other in marriage, for most. Then we have challenges. Many challenges arise as we become one and go through this life with our wife or husband.

I believe Mr. and Mrs. C. are completely correct in their claim. Their knot is always tightened, even after decades of marriage, through Jesus Christ. I know that their faith, their prayer life together, and the evident relationship that they have with the Lord has a stronghold within their marriage. My wife and I have the same faith, yet different in ways, but we both keep the Lord before all other things.

If we are faithful to the Lord, then shouldn’t we place Him within the center of our marriages? The relationship between husband and wife should be centered around His provisions. Around His ways. After all, He does know what is best for us. He handed us a guide; His Word. He gave us His Holy Spirit. He longs for us to be united with Him as we are united, daily, with our spouses. So really, how much of a part does the Lord play within your marriage? Within you, as an individual? Have you ever felt the true love of another through the Lord?


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