What Does His Holy Spirit Teach You?


My blog is not an argument or debate ground. I place my view within sight for others to read. My views are solely my own. If you disagree with what I choose to write or post, that is fine. I will not respond to debate. Everyone is entitled to their individual walk with the Lord. We have that choice. But what we choose to do with true or false information is also our choice. God knows the choices of the heart.

I speak out against things which hinder one’s walk with the truth of the Lord and His Word. That is part of me. I do this because He deserves to be placed far above where man has placed Him within their false teachings. You can follow my blog, or you can remove yourself from it.

The following articles are about the institutionalized church. Do what you will with the information. Choose wisely in Him. Discernment is to strengthen the love He has for us, and the love we are commanded to share with everyone.






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