Time For Me

I noticed this morning, like many other mornings and days I have had throughout my life, that I was starting to wander. My thoughts were taking me to places that were not of peace.

It has taken me many years to undo those patterns within my mind that have done nothing but destroy me not only mentally, but physically. In turn, my gratitude and willingness to allow the Lord to guide me through it all was hampered. I truly know what power the mind can have over the life.

The following is a review of several things that have aided in my development of the necessary rewiring. These methods, along with plenty of meditation and prayer, have helped me to reach a better place in mind, body and His Spirit. I pray this morning that they also help you. I also pray that we can all learn to observe our thoughts, instead of getting lost somewhere within them. When the mind is out of whack, so is everything else.


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