Why can’t we just read the Bible, do our study, encourage one another in Spirit, truth and love, and leave the ‘I’m right and you’re wrong’ debate out? Can we not assess and come up with our decision?
I have been on WordPress today reading many posts. Some are plain silly. The way Christians argue is like listening to two small kids fight over a toy.
His word is there for us to see through our eyes, with His Spirit speaking life to us. He gave us that. We are individual Children of God. We follow HIM. Not YOU. It’s unreal how many choose to preach what is right for others instead of focusing on what should be right within themselves. How they talk down to others as they also fall short. We ALL fall short! Every single one of us! Yet, many follow themselves! Many claim their sins aren’t as severe as the other’s. Many follow their pride, become prideful teachers and cause others to stumble as they too become puffed up with that same pride!
Pulpits? More like soap boxes! Humble? No, pridefully self-absorbed!
Really, are we helping anyone by telling them what they need to do instead of simply encouraging them to search His Word and reverently follow Him in LOVE? Not many should become teachers, evidently for very good reason after reading some of these posts today! Please, give the Christian a break.

3 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. It’s everyday. Someone is telling someone how the interpretation of His Word IS FOR SURE the way we should see it. That’s how His true Church divided and has fallen away ever since. To much reliance on man and not
    enough on His Spirit in us!

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