The Mean and Abusive Christian

For the past few days I have been hung up on the abusive words of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Before I am judged as a hypocrite, I would like to explain how and why I have been feeling this way.

So often I read the words of others. There are categories and topics that I follow on WordPress that I will not disclose, and within those categories and topics I am able to read many views on God. For the most part, I read posts about our Lord through Jesus Christ. There are many different views, interpretations, and testimonies about the power found within Him. Lately, in many cases, it has been a very disappointing and unsettling trek through some of the ways others “preach” the Gospel. Everyone is entitled to do what they will as a writer, and I could easily just move past these writings, but I feel that we should not hide those things that need to be observed when it comes to our Lord. Before you butcher me for not bridling my tongue and showing grace, please take my words at face value.

Christian, why on earth do you find it necessary to tell others how they should be living their life? You don’t know what people have been through, and you sure don’t know if they are saved. Sure, it is our duty as His children to show others His Word, but it is the way we choose to do it that needs to be graciously executed. The wrath has to be removed.

If you are such a great theologian and teacher, then why do you fail to see the loving nature of our Lord? His ways of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) begin with the word, “love.” We go on and see that His fruits include, “joy, peace, patience, gentleness” et cetera, and against these things there is no law. The “law” comes crashing down upon all of us when we fail to abide in these fruits. I know I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t see a problem with your harshness. And as I said, one could easily see this writing as that same harshness, but the intention is to show the reader how their wrathful, prideful choices when delivering a message can turn the children of God away. Also, most new believers and those who are curious and have not yet turned to Him may reject such a ‘hateful group of people known as Christians’ because of your impaling voice. Who could blame them?

For God so LOVED (John 3:16). Let that soak in.

The wrath of God is a real thing. But so is the love. To reject His truth is a very serious issue, but those in Christ are not condemned. If you know so much about the Bible, then why are you only telling people that His wrath is upon youuu!!!! That’s not what my Bible or the Lord tells me, but it sure is what many men and women tell me.

If you are being taught only His vengeance, or stressing only His wrath, then you should probably get a different teacher or step down from your position as a minister. You are truly breaking many hearts, and His as well. Children of God, I pray this morning that we all worship, minister and follow Him in Spirit and truth.

4 thoughts on “The Mean and Abusive Christian

  1. Hell is real. But you can’t tell someone that they are going to hell because for all we know they could give their lives to Jesus tomorrow. We are so concerned with the consequences of a sinful life that we forget about the results of showing love as a Christian….
    Amazing post and yes, some people should shut up before they drag some of these unsaved folks to hell…

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  2. Love it! No one has walked a minute in my shoes, so if they’d like to judge let them. The only one we are pleasing, or not pleasing, is God. Let’s offef as much genuine love as we can do nonbelievers will be so enticed that want what we have! Love.

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