The Gift Of Time

Sometimes I imagine myself in the middle of space, far from the planet. Of course, I wouldn’t survive as I would here, but I simply imagine observing the vastness of space. All of the never before seen wonder that it would behold.

As I imagine this place I will never physically experience, I think about how I would have no sense of time. No clock, no light and darkness as we experience it here. No individual star, rotation of planet, no orbit or season to point to a certain place on a calendar or clock. Just emptiness. Vastness. Just myself, still, within His created openness. No circadian rhythm. No sleep. No schedule. Darkness.

This imaginary world is not a place that I run to as a child would in a daydream, it is simply a thought I have when observing how we think about time. If we didn’t have all of these things that remind us of time as we know it, what would our lives be like? We couldn’t look at the last day of the year and plan out a New Year’s resolution. We wouldn’t have a schedule to abide by within our occupations or tasks. We wouldn’t think about illuminating the darkness, or shading illumination. We wouldn’t be who we are. We would be something else.

We wouldn’t understand the contrast of light and darkness found in His Word. We wouldn’t have an understanding of His way of teaching us the contrasts within our hearts. Our natural world, and the way He has created it, has significance. We are on the planet and experience the time, light and darkness, for reasons beyond our wandering imaginations. Throughout the Bible there is an order, not like the order of our wild thoughts. Not like the order of those who proclaim that God is the universe or some other wild imaginative theory found in cultures throughout our world. The Bible points to reason. If you really meditate upon it, you see His reason. You really experience that illumination within darkness.

I would quickly die in the middle of space. In darkness. It would have no use for me, nor would I have any use for it. These wild ideas that people have are merely their imaginations running wild. Within the pages of His Word, I see truth. I see light. I see a time and place, in His time and place, for all things. I see His order. A scientist has to figure it all out, this time and space, but the faithful simply have to rest assured in His order. A divine order beyond our understanding.

As the darkness falls upon His created earth tonight, bringing a new calendar year, I will simply have the same faith I had as I wrote my ramblings this morning. I will have the same faith I currently have. I will lean on Him through easy and hard times. I will rest assured in His order. I will have the same relationship I have within each passing day and night, as we know it. In outer darkness, we would simply be without His light. In His light, throughout the light of day and the dark of night, I will simply see it as another gift. I will take heed as I observe His created space. I will be glad within my little place within His light. I will be thankful within His gift of time.



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