It sometimes amazes me to the point of laughter listening to people come up with explanation to where we came from. The wild ideas that people have. The perfect beliefs that keep them motivated. The pride that secretes from their every pore and orifice.

Don’t get me wrong, I have my own ideas and wonder, but to say for sure where we came from, to me, is ludicrous. That is where faith steps in.

I have never seen heaven, or the Creator of our existence and universe. But I do believe we have been created. There is so much order here. I am a huge nature guy. I could walk this spectacular planet with a backpack full of supplies if I were to truly dedicate myself to it. The beauty alone would keep me motivated. I used to spend a lot of time alone as a young man. I’d step out into the forests surrounding my homes and simply become an observer. There is no doubt that a great designer has placed all of these things here. The colors, details, processes, the molecular structures and absolute splendor of it all shows the proof of a wonderful power. A power that is beyond what science can figure out. A power that creates from nothing. Magnificent creations!

I used to be a huge skeptic of the Bible. To me, a bunch of crazies somewhere within the middle east wrote a bunch of wild stuff, and over the years people began to follow their ways. That was the ignorance I possessed, in a nutshell. That was before I read it. I always wondered what the talk of Jesus was all about growing up. Unfortunately, no one took the time to explain it to me. I was just supposed to, “believe.” I was just supposed to pray to an unknown “God” and have faith.

As I moved through my many years having a “faith” of unknown consistencies, I had some pretty wild ideas of my own. I hate to admit it now, but there was a time I believed that Jesus may have been an alien. A traveling star man who brought the unknown to us to be known. I also began to believe that Oprah had it right, that there are “many paths” to God. All of these wonders of the origin of the natural world consumed me throughout my many years before reading His Word.

There came a time in my life after experiencing some pretty bizarre experiences. I had an experience in a chapel. I had an experience when being baptized and I had one in a restroom. Things began to change for me as these experiences, as well as others that followed through people, began to pull me in the direction of learning more about the book. I then opened up the Bible. I desired to know more. The Bible begins, describing creation. That alone was enough to keep me interested, being the nature guy I am.

I am devout. I have a deep faith in Him. In Him, I continue to grow. I continue to pray and receive a deep sense of indescribable peace, joy and comfort. I read the Word and all things seem to always fall into place. I have learned so much from that book from the east. I have become so complete through a man named Jesus. I sincerely encourage all of my readers to learn more about Him.

I don’t know for sure what I am completely or what this life truly is, but having faith is part of the wonder. Being, and seeing this work in me through the faith and relationship I have with the Lord is truly a spectacular experience. It goes deeper than any descriptive word. I truly believe the words I read. I truly rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus. I truly know that there is some dark force at work in this world. I’ve seen it, have been part of it, and I am now frightened by some of it. Emotional fright. Spiritually, I am not afraid, because I have faith in the Lord of creation. He is the power who comforts me through any fear.

Faith is pretty simple, and through a simple desire to learn more about Him, faith will grow. He will reveal Himself. Sin will show itself. Yeah, be ready to let some things go. When you learn how much you break His heart, His heart becomes yours. It’s an experience and process to become less of the prideful self, and more of part of the Creator. His ways are not like ours, and learning about those ways really fills the void that keeps us unfulfilled. So, is having simple faith in the Creator found in the Bible, prideful? I believe having all of the answers without His counsel is far more sinister. Read it. Perhaps your miniscule interest will change your life in tremendous ways.

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