Blindly Trapped Within Ourselves

Some of the most judgmental people I know are the religious people who call themselves, “Christian.”

What is it with the people who claim to be, “right with God?” They may be washed in the blood, but are they allowing that sacrifice to continually purify? Are they not really being honest with themselves, or Him? Do they use their religion as an excuse to point out the sins of others with the hope of no one recognizing theirs? Do they fail to recognize their own sin?

Religion began to completely ruin me. It was not a healthy way to live. Religion made me into a man who blindly glorified myself. I glorified my religious status above the glory of who He is in me. It was such an easy trap to fall into, and I am here to tell you that it was church attendance that did it. It was my ignorance which allowed the seed of arrogance to be planted within my early years of attendance. It was my lack of letting Holy Spirit lead, and allowing men to lead me astray.

I speak of the issue personally. I don’t need to be beaten down with your opinion of my experience, so I ask kindly, read on only if you can handle my honesty. I know that I am a sinner, and I claim it. I claim my desperate need for the Lord and His work within me. His work on the cross. His resurrection. There is also a discernment which must be expressed at times. I’m taking this opportunity to show others the possibility of some difficult truths within themselves, or possibly within their gathering.

Pride is in our churches. Denominational division is a remnant of pride. Leaders become full of themselves. Money becomes an idol within them. There are justified tax breaks. Demands of funding for the leadership and functions. The cultic practices are very alive within these institutions and organizations we consider “His houses.” Is yours this way? I don’t know. Observe it and see. If we participate in places that build up the pride of men, what good is it doing for our spiritual maturity?

Pride is definitely in every man and woman, but our call to strengthen one another shouldn’t be next in line behind the priority of making one’s self glorified. Take a look, very closely, within your own gathering. Is it there? Would you be quickly shut down, or shut up, if you were to express your concerns of the sin taking place within your group? We need to take a hard look at these awful places within our communities that only ruin the glory of His sole supremacy.

I am not saying your church is awful, but it very well may be hindering the true worship in Spirit and truth, and replacing it with worship of self. We have a hard enough time allowing His power into our fallen ways. What good does it do for any of us when we allow those sinful patterns to prevail within our gatherings? In a relationship, we have compassion, love, and we are to keep building that relationship by keeping His Word at the forefront. We are to glorify the fruits of the Spirit. Allowing the flesh to constantly die. Allowing His work which began in us, to keep working! Does your church value that same relationship with Him? Or, is the relationship under the ruling of prideful bigots who boldly proclaim themselves as, “His?” Does the heart reflect this claim?

Are you someone else since being indoctrinated into the hidden cults of Christianity? Is your church Biblically healthy? Do you even know the answer to either question? I pray that we all call upon the Lord for true clarity! I pray that we all realize just how destructive most of these organizations truly are.

Religion began to kill my personal relationship with our Lord. I sincerely pray that it doesn’t begin to ruin yours. I sincerely pray that you weed out the teachings of men within your gathering. I pray to God your teachers are truly called to do so. I sincerely hope and pray that all of us search, inside and outside of the walls, for the red flags of pride in its numerous forms. We are not superior as His children, we are blessed to be accepted into His family. Shouldn’t we have a healthy relationship with Him and others?

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