The New Cocaine

Facebook. Fortnite. Call of Duty. Twitter. WordPress. Snapchat. We can add to the growing list of things that are taking over the world in which we live. Alcohol. Sex. Music. Sports. Fashion and vanity. The money chase. The importance of status. The titles we place upon ourselves through education, or by means of rank within our careers. The need to be popular. The latest gadget or newest phone. The coolest pair of kicks or the biggest truck. I could seriously continue to add to the list for hours.

Our middle child, who is twelve, has told his mother and I that he has a goal: to one day be a millionaire. He has high hopes when it comes to his Fortnite career. I wish him well! But in all honesty, we all chase dreams. We all have ambitions. We all have the little gods which place our Creator in a different position than first. Whether we see it or not, our little gods replace Him at times within our lives. Some are more harmful than others, and some are more prominent than the next.

When I fail to take the time to observe my life and the many things within it, I later find that I was serving those particular things in excess. For example, I have been totally consumed with things that I cannot change for the last few months. I continue to glorify these things within my daily life. I find myself losing the joy of the Lord within me and his sovereignty within my life. My anxious thoughts are consuming His place.

Everyone has things that they enjoy. We are human. We have all of these emotions and feelings. Senses. We are finely crafted by Him. We live in His world that has many, very good things within it. But the balance, the proper choices and the harm of those many things that we have to choose from is sometimes very difficult to decipher. Without my personal time with God, I sometimes lose the balance, make the wrong choices and the deciphering becomes a losing game full of harmful consequences.

I have to remain in Him to make it through this world. Unfortunately, I don’t always remember to do so. My world was so full of the things, and many times, the wrong things, for so long that I have trouble making fruitful decisions within the new creation. I’ve only been a follower of Christ for less than a decade, and the sanctification process has been very beautiful, and many times, very discomforting. The cleansing is completed by His sacrifice, but the will to do as He intends simply misses the mark on many occasions. I’m a man whose world had been destroyed by sin from the day I was old enough to crawl. I witnessed and learned so much destruction from my environments that was embedded, practiced and multiplied. Those things are still there in ways, and I continue to struggle because of them. I am always going through these lessons and progressions that bring me closer to Him. I can rest assured in His grace and mercy when I look back and see that I was weak, am weak and will be weak. Praise God for His forgiveness in Christ!!

I pray this morning that we all take a good look at what fills our time here. What fills our hearts, minds and our personal world. Is He first? I pray that we all remain in His Word in order to see just how destructive our world can become. I pray that we continue to evaluate our decisions and allow Him to speak life into our personal journey.

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