“My Way Or The Highway,” Said The Woman.

I’m not really sure? Is there any way I can live my life doing what is pleasing to the Lord, being sure that I’m still saved when I sin?

There are two different ways nearly all believers (Christ followers) answer this question. Too many sins = hell. Or, we are saved no matter how terrible we are.

I’m not sure which one is correct? I’ve been reading and hearing both for so many years. But, I know what I believe to be true, based on my own knowledge of His Word and through the guidance of His Spirit :

  • John 3:16.
  • He loves those who’ve missed the mark.
  • He truly doesn’t want us to be apart from Him, and we cannot comprehend His love for us.
  • He knows who honestly seeks Him, and He knows who doesn’t.

So writers, preachers, perfectionists and sinner, my belief is simple. Every single one of us will never, ever be right with the Lord outside of Him (John 14:6). So if we love Him, and do everything we can to keep His Commandments, and let His fruits be prevalent within our core (allow Holy Spirit to speak His life to us), then we are loved by Him.

Some people of the world will try to rob our joy through the either / or mentioned above, black or white beliefs and the varied comprehension within. Their personal comprehension, tainted by sin. His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not anything like ours.

I’m going to heaven. Christ died for me. He knew me and chose me before the foundations of the earth! Way before you decided if I was His or not!

If others want to claim with certainly that some believers aren’t saved based on their judgment, or educated guess of those individuals, then maybe we should follow those people who claim to know our hearts better than God?

Maybe not!

Perhaps those of you who “claim” all of the time should do some serious praying, and worry more about how much the Lord hates your sins.

5 thoughts on ““My Way Or The Highway,” Said The Woman.

  1. What has helped me when I would doubt my salvation is understandimg that we don’t go to hell because of sins. We go because of unbelief. Because of rejecting Jesus Christ. All other sins are forgivable and under the blood.

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  2. I’m with you brother. I’ve been going back and forth with a woman, and added frustration from personal life struggles has only fueled the fire to continue to debate with her. She is so bent on tearing His children down with her perfectionism. Her appearance, online anyway, is self-proclaimed sanctity. It cuts me to the core to see her cut people down that she knows next to nothing about. It would be great if her personal demons would step aside and allow His love to prevail. For her own good, and everyone else’s. Her “teaching” is harming His Church and distorting His truths. Praying for her.


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