I’m Sorry…

It sure is nice to hear the words, “I’m sorry”, and equally nice to say it.

We have all been there. Times when we had done something that hurt someone, or someone had hurt us, later mended by a simple apology. So often though, the consequences of actions can leave some pretty devastating results, and the sorry is received with slight, or many times, great hesitation. If the damage is very severe, our apologies may not be accepted.

Do you know what is so great about our Lord? His forgiveness is paramount, and it trumps our ability to forgive in unmeasurable multitudes! If we are sorry when we hurt the Lord, He promises to forgive…

A healthy fear, or a deep and passionate respect, is the way of a child and his or her parent. For without the parent, the child would perish. That same need for the parent is in relation to our need of the Lord.

May we love Him as He loves us!!

We don’t always obey our parents as we walk through the different stages of life. We don’t always say we are sorry to those we have wronged, and sometimes we sure don’t receive the apology we deserve. We sure are opposed to His ways at times within this nasty flesh and bone. But our Lord, rich in His mercy and grace for the undeserving, knew we would fail. We have all had those times when sorry failed to be mentioned. Our Lord, our forgiving Lord, even loves us beyond measure when we fail to forgive! He sure does.

But why on Earth should we feel the bitterness and sorrows within when we don’t forgive?

Not forgiving dulls the heart, robs the joy and kills the soul (Matt 18:21-22, Ephesians 4:32, 2 Corinthians 2:5-8). Seventy times seven means far more, but never less than, forgiving each time you are wronged. It means to forgive offenses to completion even if that means a daily, or even hourly decision to let the debt go. We have to forgive in relationships, and within the relationship between us and our good Father.

The other party may stay bitter, not sorry and hateful. But we, as His forgiven children, must forgive. It allows His Spirit more room to fill us with His fruits. Tossing out the rotted fruit of the flesh within our prideful selves. Harboring the rot only creates hesitation to say, “I’m sorry.”

Let it go. Say you’re sorry. Move forward and be renewed. If someone is not sorry for their hurt towards you, clean up your end of the hurt by forgiving them in your heart. Our hearts belong to Him, and not the sin of unforgiveness.

May we all see just how FORGIVEN we are as we look to His finished work at the cross, and allow Holy Spirit to bear the contrite heart within us.

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