Leading His Into a Personal Pit

I recently read a post that had me thinking about how angry some evangelists are within the messages they voice. How the wrath of God is so instilled within their message of… ” love?” It almost sounds as if they aren’t sure how to proclaim the message of Christ.

Fearmongering. How often I have seen it, heard it, have fallen victim to it, and truly begin to despise my life because of it. The message that self-proclaimed clergymen, who give themselves titles of ordination, not only spreads a disease of fear, but also one of neglect.

Why do you preach the wrath of God, but fail to explain in a loving manner the message of Christ crucified? Why do you spread your messages with a loud thump of the Bible as you beat THE SAME SIN-NATURED BROTHER OR SISTER AS YOU YOURSELF ARE, and take it upon yourself to destroy people with your own wrath? My brother, we are called to love. Is love within your messages of wrath and judgment at the seat of Christ?

I agree, to an extent, that we will be judged, and those outside of Christ will have judgment unlike those who are in Him. I’m not a preacher, and I won’t be the one to say what is in store for the unbeliever. But I will be the one who says that His blood covered the true believer. And a true believer is one who follows Holy Spirit, who is undergoing an ongoing sanctification and is LOVED by our Lord. You may tear down the unlearned with the bits and pieces of Scripture, but followers of our Lord are to know the whole message. Old, and New Testament.

Do they see it through you?

If love is not in your messages, and your wrath is how you choose to preach, please learn more than what you choose to tear His children apart with. Placing fear in the minds of unbelievers without explaining their need for Him and the gift that He gave us in His Son, and how He, “SO LOVED” us that He gave His very life for us, only pushes people away from the necessity of a relationship with the Lord.

The pit of pride is not where one should lead His children. With every hateful word one preaches in the name of our Lord, a beautiful child of God falls a bit deeper into personal despair. Their own, at the hand of yours.

2 thoughts on “Leading His Into a Personal Pit

  1. An evangelist doesn’t seem to mean what it used to. Nor does evangelical, which has become a negative word now. I’m tired of all the titles too. The Bible says that anyone who wants to lead must be a servant. (Luke 22:26)

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  2. Being humble is what all of His should embrace. No one should lead without knowing the importance of why and how to be. So many claim they are “called” to a title only fulfilling a need within themselves. Of flesh. It shows within their practices. It’s sad.

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