Recovery Programs: Heresy, Idolatry and Lies

I had an experience at a secular A.A. meeting that truly worried me. When reciting the so-called ‘serenity prayer’ during the end of the meeting, I sensed a very evil presence. I now know that it was because of the false gods being glorified within the large group. I actually sensed the evil within the joined-hand circle. It is the second time I have sensed an evil presence within a prayer circle.

I’ve attended Celebrate Recovery (supposed Christian-based) meetings as well. I found there to be absolutely no difference. Misapplied verses of the Beatitudes in conjunction with the secular twelve-steps is the only difference.

I encourage you to consider the idolatry and heresy of recovery programs, and how they truly contradict the ways of our Lord.

The following are links describing the harm of these programs.

I have studied this topic extensively. Please read the links. Repent, and stop glorifying the past sins of addictive behaviors. You are a new creation in Christ, and only Christ.

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