We cannot judge the heart of our neighbor. It is not up to us.

How often we see and conclude from the surface of our fellow neighbor. We observe the outward man, but we do not see the true nature of that man as God does. So many, including myself, have the tendency to conclude one’s definition based on appearance, personality and limited knowledge of the person. We make mistakes, and many times, prematurely, when doing so.

It takes a lot of time to get to know someone. If the individual that we desire to know limits their willingness to show us their true nature, then we have a hard time understanding them. We are not all willing to show ourselves to others in the same ways. We also have our own hearts, complexed and complicated, that we see the other man through. The sin and strength of Him within us all equates to a very intricate mess.

We cannot judge a man or woman, although we do. We should just be kind and pray for them when observing the limited information of another. Let God judge our neighbor’s heart, and let us humble ourselves before God as we observe our own. Loving our neighbor is not as easy as we say within the walk with our Lord and sin nature. May we always choose to ask the Lord for guidance as we taste the words before speaking, and observe the thoughts within.

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