Learning From Our Consequences

My wife and I were having a brief discussion about the consequences of actions as I was preparing to leave for work this morning. The topic was about the mistakes we had made by choosing to run into past intimate relationships and marriages without first getting to know the person.

You see, both my wife and I did not practice what we, me more so than her, were claiming as followers of Christ. Simply put, we were discussing the consequences of not doing as the Lord had intended for us to do with ourselves in this life. We both made some very stupid mistakes because of our individual desires of the flesh. The problems that persist: children without their biological parents living together, the lack of discipline from their fathers and the extra work that my wife now has to do in order to make up for that absence, my role as a stepfather and the limited say that I have within the children’s discipline, have left us fighting battles that could have been avoided. The list is long, and the fight is sometimes very difficult. The actions taken within our previous lives have resonating effects that show themselves throughout our current life.

We really needed to take the time to apply His truths within the former life, but I believe the combination of both of us being young, independent, friends of our single parents, bad examples and wild lifestyles had a lot to do with the results of today. Along with a plethora of other factors. We both had some pretty ugly circumstances to deal with. We also leaned into the flesh far more than spirit. We neglected not only ourselves and grieved our Lord, but we also grieved those around us.

You know, I still thank the Lord for those times, even though they were full of sin. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to discuss the consequences, see my life in His richness and mercy, and I wouldn’t seek Him with such urgency. Both my wife and I wouldn’t have the relationship that we have with Him today. Our children would be just as lost as we were.

We have to embrace the truth of today, and the consequences of our actions of yesterday. We need to seek His guidance and make the choice He would be pleased with. We cannot live in the bad choices of days that are long gone. Embrace today. Learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward, accompanied by the Lord. We are not the choices of the past. We are defined by Him in us at the current place in time.

4 thoughts on “Learning From Our Consequences

  1. Keeping in mind that you are not your past, while simultaneously walking out some of the consequences of your past can be challenging sometimes. Yet God gives us grace. May your identity in Jesus be the fuel you need to overcome any challenge that you face. 👍👊💥

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  2. My wife and I are Christians. We both made mistakes before and during our marriage. We have repented of these stupid things. We move on and we grow. I am so thankful that God remembers our former sins no more.

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