It All Depends

A new day brings new life to each one of us. We have a new opportunity to develop, or bring another a bit of peace through our actions and deeds. We have an opportunity to find the good in the bad. In the world of some, a new day brings nothing but dread and dreary routine. Just another day of lifeless regret and despair.

It has been an overcast week full of rain and gray clouds. It’s cold and the sun hasn’t been around lately. It seems to bring out that same dreariness and dread found in the waking moments of some.

I was standing next to a man a few days ago as I stood in line at a restaurant. A tasty cup of coffee and a nice warm breakfast muffin was being prepared for me as I overheard the man beside me say, “What a dreary day,” with a sigh following his words. I thought about his position. I wondered what his life may have consisted of. Was he missing his wife that had passed? Was he a bitter man, full of the many things that had beaten him down throughout the years? Was he feeling bad? Was it just the rain? I wondered. As I stood there waiting for my breakfast, I noticed a man sitting at a table. He was alone, as usual. I have noticed him sitting alone before. Living in a small town and having limited places to grab a quick breakfast from has me in the same place fairly often. The man sits at the table next to his walker and usually stares forward. His mouth slightly hangs open as he sips his coffee frequently. As I was leaving, I caught his eye and waved to him. With a friendly smile and a friendly “Take care,” I left thinking about how people are dealing with things. I pondered upon how people see their world, and why they see it in that way.

I don’t know the two men. Perhaps I will speak to the man sitting alone more often as time goes on. Maybe he would enjoy a friendly conversation. I don’t know the two, but I do know that everyone is going through something. Whatever that something is varies within our individual lives.

Emotional creatures we are. Always going through the life and absorbing the ins and outs, the pollution of the air and toxicity of our foods that break our bodies and brain down, taking in the chosen information to dwell upon. It all plays a part within what we become. We are so full of dread. Conditioned to it, by it and in it. The whole world is full of filth, and many times we dive head first into our own destruction. We dwell on the past hurts: the old men or women that we no longer are. We loathe as we think about those people or circumstances that we blame for our dread. The next morning we rise from our beds, only to greet yet another day of despair.

I know this all too well. It was conducive throughout most of my life. I grew up thinking that I deserved the cloud that followed me around, even on the brightest day. It was written upon my heart and mind to be a slave to the darkness. God didn’t love me. The world didn’t love me. I didn’t love me. It wouldn’t have mattered if a lightening bolt came down from that dark cloud and zapped me. In my mind, I would have deserved it anyway. Despair is no stranger to me.

As I stood there in the restaurant the other morning, many things went through my active mind. I thought about just how one’s position can make or break us. I sincerely thought about striking up a conversation with the man after hearing his comment about the “dreary day,” but I didn’t. Perhaps I said a little prayer for him, but I cannot remember. I thought about the things that we focus on and how those things can grow within us. Like a cancer that spreads throughout or bodies, attacking our vitality, the dread that we dwell upon can and will break us down. Slowly and surely. The longer we think about the darkness of the world, the more we become part of it. I know from plenty of experience. I also know how the devil delights in it as he walks along the road with us, encouraging us to dive deeper into our sorrow.

Each day begins with the Lord. Praise God for placing this gift within my life. Each day has to begin with Him. As I look back on my time of being that guy: the one who could easily find misery in anything, I praise God for showing me what He desires. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control. His fruits. Not the natural desires of the heart and mind, but His desires.

At times, when the days are dark, I remember that it is just cover. I focus on the sun that still radiates above those dark clouds. It still lights the world. The same goes for me. For us. Christ in us still lights our world. We have a choice, just like the choice we make to see past the dreariness of the day, to rest within His light. We can get into some pretty dark places if we like, and we can hold hands with the devil as we do it, or we can rise up and be held as we bask in His joy.




2 thoughts on “It All Depends

  1. I got saved at the age of 8. So I often wonder how the world views each day. Their very life, since they have a different view than do Christians. They don’t have the same hope in the afterlife. Some believe this is all there is. (although I have heard some unbelievers say they are going to heaven) What kind of meaning can life have for those who don’t know Christ?

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  2. It’s hard to say what the life means to unbelievers.
    I’ve thought about the true nature of Jesus. He wasn’t selective when it came to whom he would love. I believe we should model His way and be the hands and feet to all. Let God deal with their heart and mind. Let Him, through their own choices, determine their place in eternity. We are just to love them. All of them. So many times though the sin enters that ability to live and love as He did. If we can just spread Christ in us through our own actions deeds and words, then maybe they will see their need for Him too. Maybe their definition of hope will change.


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