Daily Devotion

You have probably seen the free literature at the buildings of worship. Those little books that contain a collection of verses from the Bible. Each day one can read a verse and a short story that goes along with the verse.

As I was attending one of those places in former years, I would pick up those little books and read a daily devotion nearly every morning. The encouragement was a great way to start the day. I found those short writings to be inspiring, and the verses were something I could take with me as I went about my day.

Devotion is defined, according to Oxford Dictionary, as: “love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause.” Of course, we can also find the definition as being the observance of our Lord. Our time spent with Him in prayer, worship, communication and relationship. How we observe our Lord varies. Not all of His children wake and read a daily collection of words. Not all take the time each morning to read His Word. Some spend their entire day reading the Bible. It varies.

I had a thought this morning about how the fear of not devoting ourselves “in the proper way” can destroy our peace. People, specifically Christ-followers, have a way of destroying our peace by flat out saying that we are not devoting ourselves in the proper manner. They shoot us down with Scripture, their righteousness and their choice of words. Their own inner turmoil, or their own failures that they are frustrated with within themselves, pour out onto others. They tell God’s children just what they need to be doing in order to devote themselves in the proper ways.

It is truly sad to see abusive leadership. We can look at the history of the Roman Catholic church and see just how abusive self-proclaimed authority can be. We find it in Protestantism as well. We find it in the one-man-led church buildings on the corners of our streets. Abusive people and abusive ways have, in many cases, taken the place of the authority of Christ in us, His Holy Spirit working through us and His voice has been replaced by the voice of pride.

How we worship is right there in His Word. You can find it just as easily as the man in the pulpit. Our AUTHORITY is Christ. If I were to tell you that you are not devoted because you missed church service Wednesday night, would you believe it? Nowhere in my Bible does it say when and where I can be devoted to the Lord.

My prayer this morning is that we listen to Him and His voice. I pray that we are devoted to our Lord in the ways that He instructs. If something is in question about your personal devotion, GO TO HIM. He is waiting for you to have a deeper relationship with Him, and when you seek Him with your whole heart, you will find Him. Our devotion can be strengthened as we stop relying so much on what people have to tell us, and begin leaning into what He has to tell us. If you feel in your heart within your personal daily walk that something isn’t right, within leadership, your church building or within yourself, go to the Lord. There is one mediator between man and God: Christ Jesus. Devote yourself to the One who will never forsake you or steer you in the wrong direction.



5 thoughts on “Daily Devotion

  1. Somehow God always seems to prepare me in my daily “devotional life” to be a part of the “One anothers ” of scripture (like, love one another, treat each other as more important than yourself, honor one another…) in the framework of our own local church. I would prefer to be a lone cowboy type and keep to myself; maybe shout encouragement from the balcony kind of guy.

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  2. If you find that in a local church, on a street corner, a restaurant, with one other in a corner of a room, with you family or friends in a car, wherever, then we have fellowship with one another. Glad you found a good place for your devotional life

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