The Tired Truths

God knows your heart. He knows your hurts. He knows your weakness. He knows the sins that you are trying hard to let go of. He knows your sadness. He knows your feelings of inferiority when you stand next to the esteemed. He knows your best. He knows your worst.

He knows the people who judge you. He knows the ones who take their own pain out on you. He knows the man or woman who claims they are above you. He knows the motives. He knows the thoughts. He knows the very number of hairs upon the heads of everyone. He knows that no man can add anything to the work that was done on the cross. He knows the errors of all men. He knows the sin that fills the lives of all.

He knows better than anyone you meet. All teachers, prophets and counterfeits. He knows the cults, heresies and apostates.

He knows His Church. His true disciples. He knows more than we can ever know about ourselves. He knows us better than those who think they know all about us. He knows us all. All that we are and will be.

In a world that tears us down, we can rest assured that Christ has saved us from the wrath of men. We are cleansed by the blood of Christ, plus nothing. We are to know this. We are not what others say.

Rest assured tonight, for He knows.

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