Problems With No Solution

Do you ever feel as though the problem that you have is, ‘just the way it is?’

I used to have a strong desire to stay within my box. Like some kind of caged animal that would retreat when a threat would arise. If I wandered outside of my comfort zone, the challenge would be seen as an obstacle, and the way through it was viewed as an outlandish feat that could only be defeated by the fittest. In no way would I ever be strong enough to take on the challenge, so I would quickly go back into my little space. Free from harm, worry, stress, and free from the inevitable failure that would come if I were to take the plunge.

“I can’t.” That was the way that I would see the world. “I can’t change.” Over and over, I would speak failure into any challenge that seemed to be too hard. When one is depressed, has low self-esteem, is addicted to harmful things, has little to no support system and becomes comfortable within the box, the life he or she lives is limited. It’s not an excuse to the individual, it is the reality. There is no other option.

My personal experiences throughout twenty-five plus years was just this way: the “box” was the only option. If anyone were to threaten my safe space, the consequences for them would probably consist of my wrath. I say “wrath” because that was exactly what my reaction to threat was. I would become extremely angry. Unfortunately, there was no telling what I may have done when backed into a corner outside of my safe space.

The world has so many ways of telling us that we are not capable of change. We have abusive parents who directly or indirectly tell their children that they won’t be able to succeed. Those whom are beaten down because of the trials they have faced. Some are just not sure of themselves. Some are just not ready for a change.

Being ready for a change is totally up to the individual. As much as the choices hurt the individual, and usually, many around them, it is ultimately up to the individual to learn to live outside of the box. It is a process that is very foreign, and sometimes the processes can be more of a challenge to one individual than it is to the next. Some can put the cigarettes down and never touch them again, while others fight for many years to end the bad habit. It is the work that the individual is willing to put into the change that ultimately determines the success.

I have kicked the habits, hang-ups, and the many things that I once believed were, ‘just the way it is.’ I truly had to stop believing that. I had to tell myself the opposite.

So many are happy within their misery. The attention that they obtain from staying within their victim mentality is a comfort that is embraced and coddled. It’s truly not healthy, and it’s truly not what the Lord wants for His children. He loves His children, and He wants the best for them. He wants you to believe that you are worthy, and capable, and loved. Worthy of fruitful change.

It is absolutely necessary to keep our eyes on things of above, and walk in faith. We have to cleanse ourselves of these things of the earth and flesh, and remain in Him. Abide in His glory, in His truths, walking by faith and not by sight. We have to embrace the truth of being NEW creations in Christ, and remain in the truth of “the old being gone and the new that has come.” We absolutely must remember that He is with us, in us, strengthening us and will not forsake us as we push our way out of the confines. Grow in Him and see that He is the foundation of the solution to any problem.

2 thoughts on “Problems With No Solution

  1. Truly, Jesus is the “foundation of the solution to any problem”. I have overcome much in my life and attribute it to the power of the Holy Spirit and Christ’s word in my life. I am still a work in progress and have a ways to go but I know that He is working in me and will continue to do so until the day He returns for me. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!

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