Rest is something that I value more than words can explain! It is one of the greatest gifts within my life! I’m exaggerating, but seriously, I cannot wait to crawl into our comfy bed at times. After a long day or during a lazy day that allows a few hours of no movement, I’m game when it comes to covering up and forgetting about the world for a while. The body has the time to repair itself, the mind wanders through the strange world of dreamscapes, and the realities are buried beneath the absence of wakefulness.

The rest that the Lord provides is not like that of the sleepy mind and body. His rest is a peace and lasting joy, provided by His Spirit within.

It is the assurance of salvation through the work of His Son on the cross. It is Holy Spirit, guiding us along as we are faced with the trials and tribulations within our restlessness. His rest is the gentle caring love for us when we are short-tempered: when the mind and body lacks physical rest. When we are deprived of sleep, He never steps away from our groggy existence. He holds us together as we rest upon His willingness to support our tired and exhausted life. He can ease the mind, if we can ease it long enough to allow Him in. We can rest assured in the promises He has made to those who love Him. His rest is not a defined as, “ceasing.” His rest is defined as, “Christ in us.”

Are you at rest in Him today?

2 thoughts on “Slumber

  1. It can be so hard in this turbulent world to get a quiet moment to just decompress and be at ease for a moment. I am thankful that, in Christ, we have rest in our souls. His is the refreshment we need to get us through the struggles of our everyday lives.

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  2. Amen brother. It is always necessary to focus on His ways and rest the mind by understanding why it is the way that it is. In my personal experience, grasping why the flesh mind works like it does, while just ‘observing’ instead of ‘becoming’ the thoughts makes room for His Spirit to manifest. Blessings man. 🙏

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