What Is Found?

When you speak to yourself, what is said?
Is a disease your definition? Perhaps an addiction?
Is the stigma a continuous part of your life?

Why do people hold onto what once was, but at the current moment, no longer is?
Why is a diagnosis all that is glorified within a life?
Is there no hope after a label is placed upon you?

Why do we lose sight of our Lord and His sovereignty when we face a battle?
Is His way pushed aside as our own way continues to fail us?
Or, did His way fail you?

Who leads? You or Him?

Why do we lie to ourselves?
Why do we lie to others?
Is it faith that you claim over fears?
Is it fear that you take such great faith in?

Could we speak life into our lives through the voice of His Spirit?
…are we comforted by the death that we speak from the mouth of the flesh?

Why do we fail to see more of Him?
Is it because we focus so much on failures, fears and the things that have destroyed us?

If God loves His children, then why do we fail to love ourselves?

What do you place your faith in?

When Jesus said, “I am,” did you hear it?

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