Mr. Positivity

I have an acquaintance who had sent a video link to my phone. The short five-minute sketch was performed by a well-known comedian. The guy was answering the door for trick-or-treaters, saying, as well as doing very raunchy things. The humor was something that I would have thoroughly enjoyed in past years, but I watched about two minutes of it and completely lost interest. It consisted of a lot of lewd language and conduct.

The next day, my acquaintance had asked me what I had thought of the video. I said, “It was raunchy.” The guy smiled, and followed up by asking me a few questions. He could see the look upon my face and the avoidance of engagement as he was speaking of certain parts of the video. I told him that I lost interest and only watched a few minutes of it. He looked very puzzled. After we spoke for a bit, he then pulled out his phone and turned on another video. It was two older people singing a rap song, a subtly blasphemous song, about Jesus. I told him that I had already seen the video. It was old, and it was something that I had viewed years ago on social media. As I was going about my business, he asked something along the lines of, “Do you not like funny stuff?” I responded by telling him that my interests have changed over the years, and he responded with saying that I “probably would have laughed five years ago.” I responded by saying that I probably would have. Then he said that my “wife must have changed me.” I chuckled and said, “No, it’s nothing like that, it is my convictions.” “OH, I get it!”, he said. He knows a little about my past already, and remembers the few times I have talked about the Lord.

I sometimes wonder what people think about my ways and words. Since I truly never cared what people thought about me anyway, I suppose I have little trouble with how they see me now. The difference is, I had very little personal conviction before really getting to know the Lord. A relationship with the world was easily achieved when the only thing that I was convicted by was the things that sometimes touched my seared conscience. Holy Spirit had little, or no voice. Sure, I still struggle to allow Him to work within me at times. I suppose that is part of my sanctification and cleansing process while being in the world. No one is perfect in the flesh.

Having a relationship with the Lord means spending time with Him. Communicating with Him. Through prayer, meditation, study and fellowship, I’ve grown and continue to do so. Anyone who knows their Bible and His ways knows that we are called to not be yoked with the world and the things, as well as people, thereof. Those things only bring us back into the bondage that we are to give up. Oh, how hard that can be for the fallen. I don’t speak for anyone but myself, but I believe this process is made perfect in His time and way while I’m here. That is where my faith lies: In His perfection. That includes His process working in me while I’m here.

So many have a checklist of rules to follow. They do all of the “right” things. They follow all of the filthy rag rules and do all of the filthy rag work, and wonder why they still have no peace. Both of those things are what we should do, but realizing that we cannot fulfill His requirement of perfection without the complete faith in what Jesus has already done, and seeing that we cannot work our way to God, but knowing that He works His way to us, brings us to that place of conviction. It cleanses. It moves the flesh aside and makes room for Spirit. Being contrite in heart and spirit is the power of Christ in me! Hallelujah!

I sometimes think that my acquaintance sees me and wonders why I’m no longer what I have told him I was at one time. I’ve only known the guy for about a year. He wonders why I’m not extremely angry. Anxious. Depressed. Unkind. Loose and lewd. Excessively sarcastic and purposely condescending. Rebellious. I certainly can still be those things, and unfortunately I am at times, but I have a new standard. His standard. No longer just my own. I think about that in the morning and ask Him to help me carry His standards throughout the day.

My acquaintance has the same opportunity. He knows about Jesus, but it is his choice to do what he will with the relationship with Him. I have no doubt God will show him things in time.

I’m not out to show the world how positive and encouraging I am. I’m not really. But Christ in me, certainly is.

6 thoughts on “Mr. Positivity

  1. Good post! I have a friend who I have known for over twenty years and he has seen the change that God has made in my life, remarking that I have done a complete 180. He knows what I believe and we have talked about it on several occasions. I pray that I will continue to be a light and that you will be in your acquaintance’s life as well. It is Christ in us that will make a difference in people’s lives, one day at a time.

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  2. Amen! I have had similar instances happen to me. My family is the first thing to pop on my head. Though I grew up going to church and my parents attend regularly, I don’t know if they have a relationship with Jesus. I am sure they wonder why I am so different than I was just a free years ago, plagued with depression and suicidal thoughts. I have told them, but they don’t get it.
    Some of the people I deal with on a regular basis know I’m a believer and know I have a sense of humor, but don’t understand why I don’t laugh at the raunchy stuff.
    There is a lot of music and shows I used to watch and thought were hilarious back then, and now I watch it listen again and an appalled.
    Good post. God changes lives.


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