Do We Listen? To Whom Do We Listen?

There is one thing that continuously bothers me, probably more than anything within my walk as a Christ follower, and it is those who think they know everything there is to know about God. The Biblical scholars, theologians and prophets. The ones who relentlessly debate, throw their man-made doctrine around, argue versions of which Bible one should be reading, and how one is, or isn’t, doing what is required in order to be, “saved.”

Man, the misinformed and the misguided are so incredibly abundant, and the number of teachers the world has is pulling and pushing the masses in so many different directions. Some are very well-educated theologians, but they know little or nothing of His presence within. Some are using their added, or depriving, or even worse, their false doctrine in order to win the argument, or to win souls.

God wins souls. Not an individual.

I have seen so many lead others to spiritual death because of their lack of understanding, or because of their abilities to obtain precedence and control.

What does the Holy Spirit speak to you? Are you listening to Him, or are you listening to someone else? Are you listening to those affected by the world, and following them, or do you follow the voice that HE provides within? Sure, we have a lot of great leaders and teachers, but what many fail to do is compare their teachings of God to Scripture!

Why do we spend so much time correcting the world outside of ourselves? Should we not start with allowing Him to correct us? Should we not listen to His voice above the voice of that fallen, prideful, logical, “need to be right” theme that is so deeply embedded within our collective psyche? We truly need to step out of the way of ourselves, and out of the way of others, and allow HOLY SPIRIT to do His work!

We are always fighting a battle within ourselves which, often times, is taken out on others. It is a proven fact. The relationship that we could be growing in with Him is replaced with all of the unnecessary clutter of pointing out what others are failing at within the eyes of our Lord. That unnecessary clutter, within itself, is a failure in His eyes.

I am to focus on His FINISHED WORK, and allow Him to WORK WITHIN. Through His sanctification, His Word and His voice (Holy Spirit), I can then walk in closer resemblance to Him. Pardon me if my, could be interpreted, “judgment,” has hit a nerve. I’m serious. I’m so saddened by the people of God ruining the faith within others, pulling people away from His truths, and negating the supremacy of our loving Father. I pray this morning that I and all others, hear Him, above all, allowing His voice to speak louder than all other voices.


9 thoughts on “Do We Listen? To Whom Do We Listen?

  1. This post is right on. I have had to ask myself in the past if I wanted what was best for someone I was talking to about God or if I just wanted to be right. Oftentimes simple things turn into arguments and we become prideful as we defend our viewpoint. I pray that God keep me from pride and root it out if it is in me. I try to remain humble and teachable, but it is not always easy I guess. We all need the instruction of the Holy Spirit and when we learn to listen to Him, a lot of other problems will go away.

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  2. The most tragic thing is when a Christian is not teachable. Discussions turn into fruitless, even ugly, debates where that person believes you have nothing to teach them. Where their ears are completely shut. I have had my share of discussions with Christians where the Truth offended them and they stopped all communication. I want to be always teachable. I would rather be corrected than hang onto a false teaching.

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  3. Great post. I have been guilty of “being right” all the time. I have learned to listen to others and allow them to have opinions. I have had to apologize many times when I was in the wrong. Thank you for sharing this.

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  4. Agreed. It is extremely difficult at times to not defend and justify what has damaged me in the past, and in that pride, I find myself full of all of those things of the adversary. It’s difficult to discern at times, and it’s especially difficult knowing when to let things of people go that stand in the way of His will for us. Blessings Kevin.

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  5. My personal life has really shaped me into a very guarded and cautious man. In this flesh, and as a result of my life, I tend to search for truth in people a little too far in depth. Removing those practices, within His grace, sanctification, timing and way, reduces the “need.” Flesh is so tainted. Blessings man.

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  6. Thanks, and you’re welcome. I’ve been accused as well, and I admit that I too have learned a lot from constructive criticism, as well as self-reflection, that I am far from Him in character. But, He paid for that. As I grow in Him, I glorify Him and give Him all the praise. Blessings Tom.

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  7. Great post! It sounds a lot like my post entitled “The Danger of False Teachings” on my blog “Truth Disclosed”. Check it out and have your say there. Maybe I have gone too far on it but I have expressed the need to always accept to learn from others–something that Pharisees lacked and died in their pride as a result of it.

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