Forgotten Silences

There is a certain moment within many mornings throughout the week. I start my vehicle and sit for a few minutes under the large trees lining our street. I usually find some music to listen to and lay my collection of items in the passenger seat. That time is a routine I’ve had for many years. There is about a half-hour drive to my place of employment, so five days a week, I am sitting in my vehicle, giving it a few minutes to warm up. It is during those few moments that I sometimes sit and listen to the idling hum of the motor.

There is little in motion within that time, only the low hum of the warming engine. I may also hear the blowing air through the vents as the heat or a/c takes a few minutes to perform. There is a certain time within those short moments in the morning that make me think of the idle time of the mind. The stillness: limited sound, limited sites and nothing but the mind wandering through the collections of thoughts.

I especially enjoy the drive from home to work. I’m usually blessed to see the beautiful sunrise as I head east into the city. There is a lot of open land for several miles as I head through the fields.


These moments of ever-changing beauty along the road, as the rising sun casts its rich radiance upon the clouds and land, are a sure display of the peace of God. To think, I would have missed such an opportunity if I would have stayed there, within the idleness. That time of stillness before taking the move forward. That place with limited sound, limited sites and nothing but the mind wandering through the collections of thoughts. No venture forward, to fill my sensory with newness and aesthetic engagement. The idle mind would have missed the opportunity to experience a life outside of its confines.

I view the new rising sun as a restorative prominence within. Each day, as I venture along the roads linking me to the many places, I count the blessings within this life. The beauty they behold. At times, I sit upon the sides of the many roads throughout the vast countryside, just observing the peace and serenity. It’s only a brief part of an ever-changing day, but it is something to admire within a moment. Reverence for the loving God of creation surrounds. I view the natural world and realize that this same stillness is what He desires for me to have. For us all to have, within.

Idleness can lead us to many places. To peace, or to a standstill, filled with obstruction. The worried, fearful and unobserved mind can take us so far away, even when motionless. Transfixed on those places of separation from God. Within times of deep grief and sorrow, I find myself drifting away from the little moments that bring peace. The sunrise is missed. The mind is filled with sinful distraction and the body withers. The road is traveled, but the sensory is unconscious. Limited sound, limited sites and nothing but the mind wandering through the collections of thoughts. Negative thoughts. Subdued life.

The glory of God awaits us. We can find trouble within and throughout, or we can rest within the way of The Son…

“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

Each idle time is an opportunity. We can fix our eyes on Him, or we can drown within the messes of our making.

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