Just A Thought

As I waited for my wife to arrive home from work this morning, I was reflecting on the terrible dream I had last night. It was about my wife and her life of drinking, infidelity and the complete slap in the face when she had told me that we were finished.

What a terrible, realistic experience. I love my wife, and I know that she loves me.

I’m assuming the last few days of thinking so deeply about the lifestyle of a family member, as well as the old ways of substance abuse my wife and I were once so deeply rooted in contributed to this dream. Maybe? Dreams can be so strange and misunderstood.

I began to think about the way our thoughts have the tendency to pull us in the direction of sin. Trying to figure out how the active mind produces such realistic dreams is beyond me, but I wonder if the deceiver of the world (devil) has anything to do with the activity? I know, it may sound ridiculous to some. Well, I know that the thoughts of the mind when I am awake are influenced by evil, and I also have experienced and practiced enough of it to know. There is definitely a driving force that takes us away from purity. There is definitely a reason why the nasty choices that we make always lead us into more trouble.

I write a lot about evil, the devil and the sins that the world is full of. I suppose my life of sin has taught me so much about it, and I feel as though the Lord desires for me to tell others about the death that it brings. My personal experiences have magnified not only the enormity of sin within the world, but also the far-reaching capacities of the almighty Creator. I am an observer, so the amount of time spent on observing myself, others and the world in which we live is part of my daily routine. I hold fast to my faith, and I write with the hope of the Lord working His way into the lives of all who read. Today, the writing is not so much about the way the adversary plays with our thoughts, but more about what we do, or don’t do, to prevent it.

I’m not sure if the past few days of thoughts had anything to do with my dream last night. What I am sure of is how thoughts have a lot to do with the temptation to sin, execution of sin and the habitual tendency to carry on within our sin. I can give plenty of examples within my own life. Read a post or two of mine and you will see. We live in a world that has plenty of sin to dabble in, but do we recognize it? How do we know what sin is?

There is a woman on social media I have known since junior high. She is a New-Age follower/ believer of Jesus/ Spiritualist?? I cannot truly define her belief. She will quote Scripture one day, and the next she is talking about the universe, consciousness, being clairvoyant and able to predict the future. I am still learning a lot about His Word, but I know that the majority of her belief is found nowhere within Scripture. It is just one example of how the ignorance of His Word and truth can distort the true understanding and definition of sin within us. We cannot just go around believing that we are serving God by having a poor, or misguided, or blatant made-up belief of what He truly is. That is the way the devil intercedes. Within our ignorance is the place where the devil is able to take root. I can look at the Temptation in Matthew 4 and clearly see that the devil knows exactly how to lead one into the sinful ways of the world, and away from the truth of our LordThe devil tempted Jesus with Scripture, but Jesus rebuked the devil by knowing Scripture. Are there things that you claim to be attributes of God because you think they are? Have you looked at Scripture to verify?

We are all ignorant to something, but being ignorant to His truths is something that every man and woman should not be. We should all take the time to learn of His ways, and spend more time dismissing our own. He gave us the Holy Bible, His Holy Spirit and His living Word (Jesus) to understand the truth.

Is His truth more important than the ignorance within your life?

In this deceiving world full of sin, I pray this morning that we all learn from Him as we push our way through it. I pray that we understand that the devil is always waiting for an opportunity to find a place within our armor of His righteousness in order to destroy the vulnerable flesh underneath. If we have questions about the world in which we live, we should always go to Him in prayer, search Scripture and be susceptive to His true voice. In order to know exactly what sin looks like, we have to know what He looks like.




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