Of An Appetite Or Desire

I am a hungry dude! I sometimes feel as though I didn’t eat anything even after having a full plate of food. My diet has really changed within the last several years, and my exercise routine has as well. I blame the change in metabolism for my constant hunger.

Going from pizza and fried chicken to baked chicken and salads has a way of disappointing, as well as gratifying. I truly miss those old ways of eating (yes I do still enjoy the old foods occasionally), but the new diet has not only allowed me to shed lots of unnecessary weight and unwanted fat floating through my blood, but has also improved my overall physical and mental health. It took a lot of will power, which began with a desire to improve. I didn’t like what I had been for thirty-plus years, so I began a change. It was a slow process, and I failed many times over, but the current is now more or less the normal routine. Each meal is a choice to either push towards continuing in the healthier lifestyle, or backsliding into the old way. I know the consequences of my old habits: high blood pressure, cholesterol issues, carrying tons of weight on a struggling skeleton, as well as the consequences those habits have on my mental health, are now things that I consider before choosing what to place within my body.

It’s the same process with the Lord.

I was on my way home from a long day yesterday when the beautiful rays of sunlight, beaming down from behind the clouds, had caught my attention.


It was a mostly cloudy day yesterday. Not only did I wake with a cloud of despair hanging over me, I was dwelling on the long cloudy winter throughout the day. Cold. Dreary. Wet. Dead. By this time of year, I am completely ready for the warmth and sunshine of spring and summer. Not only was I disappointed over a number of personal issues that have been festering throughout the last couple of months, I was finding the negative in nearly everything throughout the day. I have been sick for a week, so the ongoing cruddy feeling only contributed to my complete disgust. Yesterday sucked until I was traveling home.

There are a number of roads that run north and south off of a long highway between the city where we work and the town that we live in. I saw this beautiful display and took a turn south in order to get a better view. As I stood outside of my vehicle for the few minutes, it was an instant reminder. A reminder of how the Lord is always present. Of how His beauty is always present, even on the darkest days. A reminder of how the sun, or how I perceived the view yesterday, The Son, is always there. He is always right there, along with these things that hang over our heads. The sins that distort our view. His light that we cannot see, and the light that we fail to have faith in when the world is dark and cold. Our Lord is always present, even when we aren’t. Yesterday, those beautiful rays of light changed my whole perspective, and they served as a reminder of His beautiful, infinite perfection. His grand scale, contrast to my small mess.

Like the food, I was failing to take in what is good. I was facing the consequences of allowing the wrong things in yesterday. My thoughts were taking me into the dark, and those things were destroying me from the inside out. I can look in the mirror, look at old photographs and feel the difference in the way that I feel when I choose to eat a certain way, and I can examine the consequences when I choose to stuff a whole pizza in. I can stop to examine God in a magnificent display, or only choose to dwell on the cover of clouds. Either way, the consequences have an impression. I have to choose wisely, or face the consequences.

What will you eat? What will you observe?

4 thoughts on “Of An Appetite Or Desire

  1. I love to eat and have spent years putting junk in my body. Now that I am older, I feel the effects. Time for a change. it’s the same in our spiritual life. We can spend years listening to junk by false teachers. Time for a change.

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