Hidden Behind Our Words

I am a very tall and very slender man. I have a partial finger, due to the fact of it being accidently cut off during a knife fight with my grandpa. I am a professional bricklayer. My left eye is not the same color as the right.

Yep, that’s me!

Umm, no. No, it isn’t.

As a blogger, I have the opportunity to place words in an order and fashion that describes who I am. I can tell my audience what I am with the descriptive words, where I have been, why I do certain things, my personal experiences and how I cope. I can tell the world, literally, the entire world, anything. I can paint a picture that is only viewed through a single profile picture and the words that I choose to type. A smiling face and a kind word can hide many things.

The truth is, apart from our words, we don’t know each other here on WordPress. Most of us have never met. Many of us don’t use our real names and some don’t even use a profile picture of themselves. We get to choose the vagueness or precision of who and what we are here. We also have the opportunity to lie. If I wouldn’t have said so, I’m sure I could have convinced many of being very tall and slender. A majority would never know if my eyes were different colors, and some would be staring at my profile picture to see if they could tell.

Do I have a partial finger?

Being genuine is of great value to me, personally. When I met my wife, her mother told me that I seemed to be genuine. Man, did I have her fooled! Really though, I had no intention of hiding who I was or where I had been. I was up front and honest about my past, and had no problem sharing why I was where I had been during that time in my life. Honesty is something that I value.

My transparency has been mentioned to me on several occasions. People are sometimes shocked when I share certain things about myself, or express certain things that I see in others. I believe some of this is hereditary. I have a lot of family members who are the same way. I have a tendency to open my mouth at the wrong times, and I also have a nose for bull. I am my father, completely.

The words that I read are encouraging here on WordPress. I feel as though most of the writers are genuine, and I take sincerity for granted. Although, I don’t know with complete certainty just how honest one is being. I also don’t know how honest the writers are being with themselves. I read the words, but I don’t know the writer. I hear the message, but I don’t know the person writing it. Even if I did know the person in the flesh, I may have a hard time deciphering their authenticity.

Are you truly being honest? Do you take the opportunity here or on social media to paint a faux picture of yourself? Do you add lies when you feel the need, or when it’s convenient? Do you try to convince yourself or others when writing that the words you share are true? Do you speak the truth, or is this an outlet where you can live out a make-believe fantasy?

God knows when we are being honest, and He also knows when we aren’t. If we are to honor the Lord, shouldn’t we be honest with ourselves? Shouldn’t we be honest with others?



4 thoughts on “Hidden Behind Our Words

  1. I also value honesty and authenticity. That’s why I strive to be as open and transparent in what I write as possible. There have been times when it was a little uncomfortable, but I feel that is what God has called me to.

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