Entertain Me, O Lord

Friday nights were filled with popcorn, a beverage and a series of television programs on a national broadcasting station, titled, “TGIF.”

When I was a kid, my friends and family would huddle around the few sitcoms that were broadcasted during the Friday night lineup. We would enjoy the innocent laughs as we watched and listened to the antics of the actors and actresses. We all had our eyes glued to the television, and we did so because we desired to be entertained. We were looking for something to tantalize and stimulate the senses. Laughter is great medicine for the soul.

Nearly everyday, something is in front of us that entertains. I don’t even have to name the sources and ways in which we obtain it. We all have our favorite forms. This writing alone is entertaining someone.

I was thinking deeply about how entertainment has been utilized within the Church. How the stimulating visual and audible has a way of entertaining our ideas of God.

When I say, “Church,” I am talking about His body. His people. I am not speaking of a church: the buildings man has incorrectly labeled as such. Let’s face it, many only know the Lord by means of entertainment within these places of, “corporate worship,” or “houses of God.” Many believe that the Lord is found within some form of entertainment or stimulation, much like the TGIF television programs of the past. I sat this morning and questioned the hinderance and negation of one’s relationship with Holy Spirit, as well as the misunderstanding of God’s true nature, at the hand of entertainment within these places that we attend. I have often observed just how much of a show is orchestrated within the walls of the structures, and just how much is nothing more than stimulation for the senses.

Holy Spirit is not a vibe, or a euphoric feeling. The Holy Spirit is sure not a bunch of people who flop around on the floor as the band plays. Honestly, I don’t believe the babbling is either. Sorry. What I do know about Holy Spirit is that HE IS GOD. The third part of HIM. Do you really understand this?

We sincerely need to know Scripture, the many crafty ways in which Satan tries to divert our attention away from the truth of God, and we also need to be able to discern between entertainment and the voice of our Lord. Do you really know the Lord, or is that knowing only by means of stimulating entertainment? Is there true power in your relationship with Christ, or is He only found within another relaxing break at the theater? Do you say, “Thank G– it’s Sunday,” huddling to be entertained, just like we did in front of those old Friday night broadcasts?

I pray this morning that we know Him, truly know Him, outside of those walls. That we GO INTO ALL OF THE WORLD AND MAKE DISCIPLES, instead of waiting until Sunday for another show. I pray that we are not going to put on a show, either.

4 thoughts on “Entertain Me, O Lord

  1. Well said. The church is world-wide. catholic with a small ‘c’…catholic means church universal–world-wide. The church is the universal body of Christ. I try to reach out to the unattached Christians around the world by broadcasting my blog to include secular blogging sites. With some success. 🙂

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  2. Amen! So much of what goes on in churches nowadays is about emotions and playing to the people. The message of sin and the need for repentance takes a back seat to the feel-good messages that people want to hear. Nobody wants to hear that somethings wrong in their life. That sort of thing probably doesn’t fill up the collection plates. So many “preachers” are no more than motivational speakers and there is no real anointing on their message. I am not old-fashioned but I do pray that we would get back to the truth of Scripture and be the church that God called us to be.

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