My Struggle With Isolation (Part 2)

Link to My Struggle With Isolation (Part 1)

Being locked away with one’s own thoughts has unlimited consequences. With little stimulation outside of the deficient thought patterns and things of focus, the mind goes in circles. Little is ever new. The habits become engrained and the decay begins, bringing about so many of those harmful, consequential results. Soon, the seclusion becomes a lifestyle. A life outside of that little bubble seems much further away. It may even become completely undesirable. The habit is now the curse. The very few things that stimulate, and the little interaction with others, has a way of taking hold with a very intense grip. That grip was an overbearing power that had me locked away for many years. I was retreating far more often than I had previously, and the world outside was becoming even more frightening.

It was not a healthy space, that place of solitude that I was always running back to. It was a space filled with so much abnormality. This mind: full of so much that is influenced by the unseen spirit world when tucked away within a little place that is cut off from the beauty outside. The enemy is always at work there, within. You may not believe in such things, but I can tell you firsthand from experience, just how much pull and play the devil has within the idle mind. Sitting around and allowing the inevitable turning of the mind over to his craft will create all sorts of direction away from the honor of God. The sins which leads to greater sins within a confined world can lead one to believe that all is fine, and the world within that bubble is all that is needed.

We have to have outside stimulation. We have to interact with others. It is a necessary part of what and who we are. Introvert or not, I learned that interaction is not only a necessity, but is also conducive to a healthy life. I can hardly show kindness to others within a sequestered life. I cannot really be a helping hand to anyone besides myself in a bubble. I cannot talk face to face with others about fruitful, or even trivial things behind a door that never opens. I cannot do much of what the Lord had said, like going into the world and making disciples. I can’t share His loving nature if I only sit behind a screen and type. It just limits the potential of an unlimited God. I would only be stimulated and overpowered by the inevitable thoughts of decay that always come if I were to comfortably sit behind the walls again.

I love my alone time. It is a time to relax. Meditate. Spend time with the Lord. Do the things I cannot do when I am out in the world. I do admit that my life has conditioned me to step with caution and to really watch people. Deception and lies have done that to me. But, I choose to love and live as much as possible. It’s a practice I now embrace, inside and outside of my private spaces.

I know what isolating does. Each day, I choose to not become a victim of its menacing effects.






9 thoughts on “My Struggle With Isolation (Part 2)

  1. I do tend to isolate a lot. I often deal with things that make going out in public very difficult, if not impossible on some days. But God is working in my life. I have a friend I go to lunch with once or twice a month. I go out for appointments and to pick up prescriptions. I spend time with my parents so that I am not always locked away in my room all by myself. Being introverted, I prefer my alone time but I can see where some interaction with people is healthy and beneficial.

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  2. Lord’s blessings, Kevin. I, too, have been there, and tend to go back and forth in my desires for much alone time. I am a natural mega-introvert.

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  3. Everyone is different. These are just my personal testimonies of my life. The lessons learned, growth and all that I has come my way.
    Yours is uniquely yours in Christ. Let us rejoice!!
    Blessings Kevin, and I hope you are doing well brother!

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