Humbly From Nothing

There seems to be a great emphasis on the building up of one’s own achievements in today’s society.

So many times, I have seen the true pride of self glorified within the words and actions of others. Today, I am focusing on the harm of such ways.

Before I get too deep, I would like to say a couple of things. First, I am not innocent when it comes to the glorification of achievements. We all have a self-praising way about ourselves, and that can be a healthy thing to a certain extent. Loving yourself is necessary. Two, the writing today is simply a reminder to check our own motives. What I mean by this is the necessity of taking the time to check what drives us to give ourselves recognition.

So, what drives one to be recognized?

In my own writings, there has been a lot of emphasis on the growth that has taken place within not only my life of the endless turmoil of my own making, but also within myself. I’ve focused on the dysfunctional and sinful choices I have made, as well as those same choices that were made by others close to me. In others’ writings, I observe the words and, many times, see a sincere heart that is pushing to not glorify self. I see the real sincerity of placing the Lord at the forefront of achievements within their lives. Through my own personal writings and testimonies, that is my true motive: to give glory to God through all of my achievements. Sometimes I wonder when reading the words of others, as I’m sure many have wondered when reading my words, if their motives are really to glorify God. Is the personal achievement that is placed within sight of the masses really to bring glory to God, or is it to build one’s ego when praise is given? I really have to wonder at times as I read the lines, and between them.

God knows EXACTLY what the heart is doing, and He knows just what motivates. He knows why some are one way within the world, and another way with one’s self. He knows if your words and actions are honest, and He also knows if they are deceiving, no matter how slick one might think that they are with those words and actions. If one is phony, they may very well have the world fooled, but, unfortunately, God isn’t. Ever.

Is the past a motive to glorify current achievements for you? Is the life of yesterday’s stupid choices somehow a good reason to secretly hang your achievements all over your walls of today? Do you spend a lot of time in the mirror, glorifying the self? Or, do you see the past for what it is: the past. Do you see the choices of today as all that there is? Do you see that He walks with you in all of those choices; guiding, speaking His voice over yours, emphasizing the strength that He and you know is only found in Him, and the only achievement that He sees on the walls of your heart is humbleness? When you really look in the mirror, do you see more of you, or more of Him?

You were innocent once. You were virtually nothing but an innocent child, full of little more than the light of God. How much pride has been allowed in since that time? As you have grown, what has made you what you truly are today? What do you hide from the world that is in full view before God?

2 thoughts on “Humbly From Nothing

  1. How dangerous pride is and can sneak into ones life at any time. It is my prayer to remain humble. Thanks for the reminder.

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