So Incredibly Flawed

Why would anyone truly claim to live a, “Christian life?” Are any of us really doing a good job?

You’ve committed sin. You’ve broken the Commandments. You were born with sin, live in sin and will die with sin. You’ll sin today, tomorrow and, most likely, everyday from this day forward.

So, how can you, how can any of us, call ourselves Christians, living the Christian life? I know with great certainty that no matter what you claim to be; whether it be in a crowd, on the social media sites, when giving a testimony or displaying the achievements of one’s self while giving all of the glory to God, you have still missed the mark. You have still fallen short. You are not perfect, and therefore, you deserve the wrath of God to fall upon you.

Sorry, but if you claim to be a Christian, that’s what the Bible teaches. Let’s try not to fool ourselves, here.

Honestly, I know just how much of a sinner I am. I see it within the reflection of days passed, my mirror each morning and as I look back on the day I’ve had when finally getting to relax in the evening. My tired mind is sometimes so drained that the thoughts of frustration towards people and things overwhelms me. Nearly everyday, I tell myself that ‘I will do better,’ and yet, I continue to do the same crappy job.

All of these truths about myself used to eat at me with great fury, and the legalism that I was conditioned to within the religious system of the institutionalized “church,” only made me into an even greater sinner. Slandering others for a different sin than my own, acting as if I was somehow holier than my neighbor, and emphasizing another sinning man, one just like myself, as holding some special rank above all others. You know, the men we call, “pastors?”

You know, Jesus Christ came into this world for good reason. He knew what would happen. God knows just how sinful this world can be. He knows how much of a failure we all truly are. He knows that even after one repents, the next day that same one will fail.

Yes, He knew.

It is so ridiculous to look at the world and see that so many act as if they are without sin…

cast the first stone!!

The words today were not to condemn, but to help us all to think about just how blessed we truly are to carry on within our iniquities and still be able to claim such a title as, “His people.” It is incentive to push forward and learn more about a loving relationship with Him, embrace His grace and mercy, and fully grasp the true forgiveness offered through Christ, alone.

2 thoughts on “So Incredibly Flawed

  1. It is truly an amazing thing that any of us can be saved. Paul writes that if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation. I know that I am something new and the old things have passed away, all things becoming new. But I still struggle with my old ways. They are a constant reminder of just what I have been saved from. I pray that as I go on God would help me to sin less and love more. That is my hope and my goal.

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