11 thoughts on “Nothing Without Christ

  1. You are much more than nothing. Even without Christ. Self abnegation is a pit. Those who would encourage you towards self hatred are not your friends.

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  2. I was responding directly to what your Faith encourages you to say about yourself in your post. You are more. They aren’t your friends.


  3. No. You said you were nothing without Christ. Your Faith encouraged you to refer to yourself as Nothing… without Christ. They are not your friends.


  4. Ahh..geesh
    Okay, so it means that the writer is faithful to His or her belief of the Bible. That he or she is sinful, by nature, and that Christ is the atoning sacrifice for that sin. The Bible will teach you all of this. These words in the writing would probably never make sense to those whom do not share in the faith.


  5. I understand. But you are so much more than what the Bible tell you about yourself. You are much more than nothing with or without Christ. Think about it. No need to respond to me. Have a great day.


  6. You never asked me and I never told you whether I was an atheist. Not very kind that you’d assume.
    I’m not by the way. Thx


  7. Not all non Christians are atheist. And I was a Christian for 34yrs. Apology accepted. Have a great day again.

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