Hearing His Voice

“That’s just a coincidence.” “You really think that was God? Man, you’re delusional.” “Your conscience is leading you. That’s not God.” “There’s no God. Why would he allow all of the wrong in the world?” “God loves me, no matter what your Bible says.”

Perhaps you’ve heard, or thought, or have believed some of these things?

I read an interesting piece another blogger had written this morning about how we can be led astray from His truth when we don’t spend time in His Word. When we fail to spend time reading, learning, listening and applying what He has for us, opposed to what the world has for us (world, being anything that is not of the truth of God). You can follow the link at the end of this writing and see what he had written.

There was a time when I was completely against the notion of only having ‘one way’ to God while observing all of the many different beliefs of those around the world. It was that way for a good while for me. What many would call a ‘delusive belief,’ or, believing that a man was actually God, I now know to be as true. God Himself had changed my mind about this temporary mindset I had of there being many ways to God when I was presented with the words of Jesus…

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really know me, you will know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.”

No other man had ever claimed to be God in any other religion.

These words were the beginning of a quest. A passionate drive to know more of this man who claimed to be God had me in a constant, contorting, daily unrest. It shook me to the core. Nothing, and I truly mean nothing had ever shaken me up the way this claim of a man did. I had to find out if he was a lunatic or exactly what he had said he was.

A man named Jesus: Firstly, someone I could have passed off as a fictional character, but did not. Secondly, a name which had done something to my very being. I really had no idea how one man, one name, could have so much of an impact on me.

As I began to learn more about Him through the Bible, I became acquainted with Him. I began to understand the Holy Spirit and I truly began to hear His voice. There was absolutely no delusion involved in the faith I was growing in. He was speaking things into my life that were never present. He was showing me things I had never found outside of Him. A relationship was developing with Him. The more I hung out with Jesus, the more I knew exactly what He wanted from me. The more I knew why He claimed to be the way, the truth and the life.

Many have a belief in Jesus, but many have little or no understanding of His way, His truth and/or His life. They live in a way that is not His. They live within their own truths and their life is not really a life that Christ is welcomed to.

How sad it is to see unacknowledged sin have such a stronghold on those who stray away from or avoid Him. Those who never hear or embrace His ways, truths and life-giving knowledge. All of the things that are only found in Him. All of that which is not found within the world.

Can you, will you, hear His voice?

I’ve personally only walked a short distance with the Lord, and I can see the road that has led me to my current position behind me. I can see the growth that has taken place. I can also see with a more defined clarity when I begin to stray away from His guidance. I also see that He allows those times in order for me to return to Him with lessons learned. I can see that He has a road already paved for me ahead.

He is a gracious and triumphant God. He is the man I’ve never regretted meeting. He is the Lord who speaks His life into each day through the people I encounter, the sunrise that is presented as I head east each morning and the birds that sing as I rise. He is evident in the little indications presented and blessings bestowed. He is the light that shines in my battered heart. He is the freedom from the ongoing struggle with sin. He’s the rock upon which I stand. He is the love that I cannot find within myself. Apart from Him, I am nothing.

Do you hear from the Lord?









2 thoughts on “Hearing His Voice

  1. Amen! There is nothing better than knowing Jesus, truly knowing him. Only by letting the word of God speak to us can we do that. We all come to him with our own ideas and agendas but all that has to be cast aside when the truth comes. It simply cannot co-exist. We can either have the Jesus of our minds or the true Jesus. Can’t have both. Excellent post, my friend. It is Christ that we all need more than anything. And I am so glad I have him.

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