As We Point Down From Our Throne

The things that we choose to preserve within ourselves; the personal convictions, necessary boundaries and the yea or nays. We all have a tendency to be the way that we are because of values, experiences, learned behaviors, the many hurts, hang-ups and, of course, there is the sinful condition. We are complicated characters.

Where do we go with it all? What do we do with it?

It amazes me, to the point of laughter at times, to hear, see and sense things in all of us that reveal a show that we are putting on for the world to see. The image that we try to create in order to be liked, or accepted, or viewed as a model citizen. The things that we leave out that are swept under the rug when the guests arrive.

Why do we take such pride in doing these things?

What does your life look like when it comes to who you are and why you are that way? Have you really taken the time to look at those things: the values, experiences, learned behaviors, the many hurts, hang-ups and your sinful condition? What does it all reveal? What will you do with it?

I had an experience yesterday and today that, I believe, were directions form the Lord. I took the initiative and reached out to two people. I have been avoiding them because of their sin. Although, after much thought and meditation, I came to the conclusion that I must accept the fact that I too am full of the same sin. There is no difference between them and myself. The battle ahead, although, is going to be very hard for me. All of those things that I mentioned: the values, experiences, learned behaviors, hurts and hang-ups and the sinful, prideful condition, are things that are deeply and immensely part of my true self. I had to let a huge guard down in order to open up to a possibility of humility and love. A new opportunity to redefine those hardened parts of my heart lies ahead, and I’m a little apprehensive.

That’s just me.

Why do we take such pride in who we are for the world to see? I get on social media and this site, and I see so many who paint beautiful pictures of themselves being as lovely, always kind, never sinful, full of flawlessness, righteous and holy people, knowing that every one of them has their own dirt under the rug.


Is it more important for the world to see that you are somehow above your neighbor by staying within your false reality?

I am so in love with the Lord. He is the rock, man! But, within this man; this human that is very human, there are impurities. There is dirt under my rug, on the floor, cobwebs in my corners and a mess within the heart. I admit it. I appreciate the encouraging words of others here in the online world, and I love to admit my flaws. It cleanses. It rejuvinates. It makes room for the true nature of Christ.

I encourage everyone to take a good hard look at themselves. What is in you? Why do you do it? Can you be honest with yourself and others? Can you show the world, or whomever needs to know, the dirt under your rug? Can you accept the fact that you really sit no higher than your neighbor? Can you accept your true human condition? Can you let your walls be reshaped or torn away, for the love of God?

I share all of this this morning with the hope that all of us realize that God wants us to be honest with ourselves and others, and not just a front for the world as we sit upon our prideful thrones.

5 thoughts on “As We Point Down From Our Throne

  1. I agree. I believe that God wants me to be as open as possible in my blog. That’s why I share everything, the good and the bad. It’s not just about Jesus-loves-you but also about how grimy life can be some times. I feel that people need to know that Christians are real life, broken people who just happen to know God. We are not perfect and so many want to portray that in their lives. I opt for realism. If you need to know a God that loves broken people, come talk to me. I can show Him to you. That’s what I think.

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  2. This blog post is exceptional! If you avoid any encounter with a sinful person then how is that person going to become convicted and repent of it? I agree that we must avoid worldly influences but what about being an influence? And if we get off our high horse of self-righteousness, we can maybe walk the same ground as others so that we can lead them to Christ…

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  3. I sometimes find it very hard to be the hands and feet of Christ, and still be humble.
    How often I look at the sin of others and completely overlook the ones that I possess. I get hung up on their unrighteousness and look down upon them as if I have no flaw.
    I think it is just part of the way I am, unfortunately, but God is working on this part of me. I know I’ve already come a very long way. Within the first few years of my walk with Him began, I was a very religious zealot, with a very judgmental attitude towards everyone. I’m trying, and I pray the Lord will help me to lay down the pride within in order to shine HIS light over my own obscured righteousness.

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  4. I guess we all do it but hey sometimes its useful. Aviding those bad influences and sticking to Bible studying Christians will help you in your spiritual walk. but somewhere donw the line we need to impact the world

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