It’s funny, how I try to justify, make sense of and conclude.

It’s a never ending cycle.

The many different things that I go over within my personal life; the very things that make me who I am. Those things are viewed through a, sometimes, very broken and smudged lens, while other times it is as clear as a summer morning without a cloud in the sky.

This mind of mine; what a mess.

Within this mess remains the fight of fleshy sin and spiritual sainthood; sin-stricken stubbornness, at war with His Spirit.

What an unworthy man I am, and what an unfathomable God to grant me a place in His kingdom when His Son sacrificed His all in order to wash me as white as snow. What a blessing; this life of His good within the natural-born sinner. Trying, desperately, to work my way to God instead of allowing God to work; how deep the pride of my life is woven within the battle.

A hypocrite, I am.

A Pharisee, I tend to be.

A sinner, just like my neighbor next to me.

Lord, may I rest assured in your love; that of which I do not comprehend. May I see your character in the saved and lost. May I scatter the seeds of humility, compassion and your nature. May I keep the judgment to you, in your fashion. Your fashion, well above my own.

Make me rational, dear Lord.

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