No Prayers Answered

Yesterday, I had made the mistake of saying something to a blogger that sent he and several others into a defensive rebuttal. I suppose I should have expected it. I had told him that his constant blasphemy (his ongoing blog directed towards how one is wasting their time seeking God, based on his own personal experience) would someday come back to haunt him. I was then attacked by several other bloggers: a couple of, I’m guessing, atheists, and a Muslim.

Of course, I should have just kept my mouth shut from the get-go, but I am who I am. This guy loves to spread his venom in the blogging community, and it really irritates me to see someone put so much passion into destroying the hope of others. His points are set on destroying the concept of God based on his personal experience within, “religion.”

I had thought to myself this morning, ‘Maybe religion is the reason why he never experienced the Lord?’

I don’t know if my theory about him is certain, but I do know a few things about seeking God through religious practices instead of seeking Him through simple faith.

There is a huge difference in the two, and, like the man who now only seeks the will of self, religion could very well have destroyed my personal faith in the Lord. I have found that a religious view (defining, in this case, religion as being affiliated with churches, persuasions, denominations, sects, cults, or anything associated with the “works” one must put in in order to know the Lord) is the very basis of not knowing the Lord. I wonder if the works this man had once performed, which may have received little or no response, destroyed the face of God within his heart? I wonder if the work he had put forth demanded a clear sign of His presence?

The man had said that his prayers were “unanswered” in one of his posts.

I can relate.

I don’t know how many times I went through the questioning of why God was doing the things that He was and just what was taking Him so long. I couldn’t begin to say how many times I thought God had forgotten me. I had a very hard time grasping the death of loved ones and not being able to understand why a loving God would take away the life He had given.

I had plenty of questions.

It was not until I realized a few things while keeping a simple faith, reading His Word and relying not on myself to interpret, but Holy Spirit to do so. I realized that emptying myself of those things and works: My demands from God, the way I wanted God to perform while I was performing for Him, my prayers that I saw as enough, the constant church attendance, the dedication to a single man within that church, the idolatry and human tradition within religious practices; all of those things that I thought would make God do what I had wanted, had to be placed below His sovereignty. Below my prideful, selfish demands. Below me. Below the works within the buildings we call the church. I had to empty myself in order to be filled with the truth of Him.

I believe many never find the truth of God because they seek Him in ways that can be physically seen. Remember, God is Spirit, and one must seek Him in “Spirit and truth.” Jesus said so. If one’s dedication to a religion is good; if they attend church, give all of their time and money to it, help out in the departments, etc., then they are in good standing with God. It is good to do those things, but does the heart not still ache with great sorrow when the knowing of God within, is never really present?

One must know God by having complete faith in ONLY Him. When Jesus said, when God had said, “I AM,” HE MEANT IT!! He means it. He is the only way to know why one stirs in constant agony, fails to understand sin and its repercussions, has unlimited questions, cannot sleep until he or she finds the answer to the many questions while not truly knowing Him, and doubts. If one truly knows Him by knowing His Word and allowing Holy Spirit to speak over one’s own selfish, prideful and arrogant voice (the voice of the fallen flesh that drowns out the soft and truthful words of His), then one can know that the Lord is always doing what is best for His creation. One can know that HE is sovereign and that He, alone, has given all who will humble themselves the key to a life of peace, through Christ Jesus.

Pray for the man today, and please pray for the atheists and Muslims. Pray for me. I will pray for you.


9 thoughts on “No Prayers Answered

  1. Do you really think I am going to continue to waste my time with this? Do you not have anything else to do? My decisions, beliefs, faith and my willingness to pray for whom I will pray for is solely mine. Why do care so much? Does it bother you to know that someone is willing to do something that you find ludicrous? I’m sure that you do very foolish things as well.
    Your obvious need to be correct is really a sad thing to watch.


  2. Read my blog and spend your time analyzing my faith in Christ. Start at the very first post. Read it all.
    as you read, read without skepticism or predisposition.
    My personal experience cannot be summed up within a blog, but I can tell you that things like a heat and wind that fell upon me during prayer for a dying loved one (who lived) started my journey to find the source. The many miracles I have witnessed throughout the walk and the prayers answered…yes, prayers answered. I also have a presence to my right in times of prayer that has been an ongoing question of whether or not it is the Lord’s way of physically confirming. I also have learned a great deal from Holy Spirit; what I never knew outside of His truths.
    I will pray for you, and will continue to do so. I am writing, so I am finished here. There is really nothing else to say.


  3. It looks peculiar, deleting someone’s comments, but leaving your own responses just sitting there, in a void.

    You needn’t bother responding to this observation. Your blog, so you can just delete my comment and spare yourself any further peculiarity.

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