9 thoughts on “God’s Not Good Enough

  1. It does look painful, doesn’t it? I thought the photo of the man was a good representation of one who is puffed up with pride; the very root of what hinders a relationship with the Lord. As the post reads, “The two greatest evils in our society are these: we think so little of God, and we think so much of ourselves.”


  2. The problem is that your pic was a ploy to mock others who don’t accept the chistian version of God by asserting, as you did with Judy, that they do so because they are just puffed with pride.
    The God portrayed in the bible is truly “not good enough”… not even “good”.
    Please reflect on some of the less than Good descriptions that you may be avoiding or making excuses for. Like:
    Advocating and regulating 1. slavery (ie. Owning other people as property) ex21
    2. Commanding Israel to kill unbeleivers… Even babies and infants in 1sam
    3. Encouraging believers to rejoice at the return of Christ..and the deaths of millions of non believers in revelation
    4. The eternal torture and punishment in the Fires of Hell for not believing, or simply believing in a different version of God.
    This is not a “good” God. Not nearly “God enough” to be either worthy of the title or of actually existing.
    I’m not atheist, but Im certainly not Christian anymore after 34yrs of believing, 25of those in active lay ministry.


  3. I’m sorry you have a personal problem with a post and picture, and, with me, obviously.
    I happen to have a deep faith in the Lord, and the post is great insight to not only me, but others.
    Pride was the devil’s choice, before anyone else’s, which landed him a place separated from God. That’s the whole point of the post.
    I’m sorry you’re so incredibly offended, much like others who stop and read my posts. It’s okay though. Maybe you will have a deeper understanding of Scripture in time and come back to Christ, and release the self that hinders the relationship.
    Also, you are wrong in your assumptions about me, but thank you for the comments.


  4. Don’t have any personal problems with either the post or you. Now you’re just being rude.


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