One Of Two Ways

How often others are so incredibly determined to seek and destroy, simply because they themselves are already destroyed in some way.

From here on out, there will be a small group of atheists peeking at my posts and seeking an opportunity to cut me down. It’s been a tough last few days going back and forth with these people who desire to pull anyone and everyone down with them. It’s taken all I can muster at times to not go back to being just like them, although, I did throughout the many text wars we had.

Atheists love to disprove while begging for proof. They love to belittle people and act as if they are perfect. They are faced with truths about their arrogant haughtiness and, most certainly, WILL HAVE THE LAST WORD.

I don’t have time for it.

You’ll probably get a huge eyefull of text from them all here very soon, saying I’m a hypocrite or whatever they can come up with. I blocked a moron on one conversation and it deleted my text, so you may hear about it, too.

People, I try very hard to be dedicated to the Lord and His direction, but the pull of the world and of evil can reach very deep into the faithful. Perhaps you have experienced the same?

The little group of atheists really destroyed my day yesterday, but I brought it on myself by making a comment to someone set on proving his point. These people are like flies on a heaping pile of dung now; they can’t leave me alone.

Today, I’m back to the Lord and the joy He provides. Back to my, so called, “delusions,” as these people love to call it. I’ll let them stir in their little world of pain.

7 thoughts on “One Of Two Ways

  1. Please don’t worry about them. They are in a hurry to get to hell, willfully ignorant to truth and want company. Do not let them in their self-righteous anger drag you down. I feel sorry for them because they have no hope for eternity or peace and joy now, hence their anger. Stay on the high ground and keep writing. It is valuable to the good people who read it. Some will always prefer their own mediocre glory to God’s magnificence. It certainly is not you. Your words share truth and light and encourage. Please be encouraged. Keep it up.😄❤

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  2. They are bent on breaking you down. Don’t let them. Block them from your site if necessary. We are not to just preach to the choir though. Maybe your words will find their way into someone’s heart who really needs them. My pat answer is, “I’m old. Don’t fight with an old lady!”

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  3. It’s hard to see their ways and know that they are breaking the heart of the Lord. Then, while heated, I do the same. I’m finished with the madness. Many blessings to be found today! Enjoy your day!

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  4. I often feel their hearts are breaking too. If they are so concerned and vehement in their feelings, they really need some compassion. They need Jesus as much as we do. They just don’t know it yet.

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  5. Don’t let the haters get you down. What an empty life it must be to base your whole existence on not believing in something. Just keep doing you. Have a blessed day, bro.

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