What We Choose To See

The anticipation of spring; the long awaited event that is greatly appreciated after a cold winter. The blooming of the new, full of the bold colors of God’s choosing.

My wife requested that we surround the house with flowers this year. We had moved into a different home a little over a year ago and the landscape was pretty bare. It needed a lot of backbreaking effort to make it look nice again. We decided to splurge a little and make it look nice around the outside as spring approached. We bought the nice perennial and annual flowers to adorn the outside and the annual vegetables that I like to put out.

This morning, as I gazed through the back storm door, I was captivated by the beauty of one of the hanging plants. The morning backlighting illuminating the purples and pinks of the flowers and the dew that rested gently on the greens. In a short, single moment, I was able to see a peace and silence; a prominent calm within an already busy day.

I suppose I had stopped to smell the flowers!

This small moment was a good reminder of what I sometimes choose to fill my thoughts with.
It was once very difficult to find a peaceful moment within my life. What was once a life filled with dullness is now a world filled with the small acknowledgements of the beauty all around us. It is now a life that I see through a sober eye of His peace and growing patience. No longer a touch of gray, but a glimpse of His love.

I still have these lingering bad habits of throwing these little moments like this morning in the trash. I sometimes forget just how much beauty is there as I slip back into the gray…

As I go about my day and days ahead, I’ll look for the same vivid life of joy and peace found in the life that hangs outside our door.

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