Broken Bottles Of Deceit

I had a thought this morning that really had me questioning the sincerity of some who claim to be followers of Jesus. They give themselves the title, but yet, the fruit that they bear seems to often say otherwise.

My mother speaks highly of a man whom she seems to know well. He is a neighbor of hers. He claims to be a “spiritual” person. I really don’t know what that means, and I don’t know what his personal views of God are. My mother on the other hand claims to be a Christian, and I can see that she knows little of her own faith.

Her praised neighbor is a drug addict, a heavy drinker, very loose, is always lost in some fantasy world because of the combination of drugs and alcohol, and he is “spiritual?”

There are many different definitions of “spiritual,” but only one true Spirit: His. The true definition of spiritual is only found in those who are in Christ Jesus.

It’s hard to see others who live a life, full of the rotted fruit of the flesh, and claim the name of Christ. It has to be hard for our Lord to look at us all and see just how much we abuse His grace and mercy. It has to be a grief that we, as humans, do not understand. If we did have a better understanding, maybe we would make more of an effort to get to know Him better and be like Him.

If my mother’s neighbor claims to know Jesus, then I’m sure that he claims, as many other Christians I know, that God “understands” the sins that he continues to choose. That the Lord is “okay with” the sin that rots the fruit.

We all have instructions in this life, and that instruction is the Bible. We also have an instructor: Holy Spirit. If we don’t know either one, we may very well find that a seared conscience, a bad fruit and a lax attitude will leave us in a drunken stupor that keeps us from knowing the truth about each one of us. That truth being the sinful beings that we are, and how that sin continually destroys us when we fail to acknowledge it.

I didn’t write this to put anyone on blast or to claim as though I have no sin. I have plenty of my own. The point is to encourage everyone to acknowledge their sins, to turn to the truth of Christ, and turn away from what breaks Him. What breaks us. What placed Him on the cross in the first place.

2 thoughts on “Broken Bottles Of Deceit

  1. Amen. We all have our sin but should be moving towards God every day and allowing the Spirit to make us more and more holy. That is the process of sanctification and is one of the things the Holy Spirit was sent to do in us.

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  2. The sanctification process is so misunderstood in my own thinking: I have a different process than others, then my pride seems to know what the other “should be doing better” based on my own experiences. Like my corrective action and measure is superior to others. That’s just wrong. What a mess this sanctifying process is with all of the sin weaved within it.
    I just trust that Christ will transform the true followers into the purity of His making, granted we listen. So much is not understood with the free will/ grace/ and sovereignty. Faith alone is what I get from it all, and loving Him with all that we are…
    That sinful ego though; it’s varies within us all, keeping us against the grain instead of smoothly along with it.


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