For The Love Of Lust

“For the love of God, I am doing what I should do. I am reading His Word, listening to His Spirit, going to church on Sundays, and when Wednesdays come, I’ll be there. I’m doing it right.”

Is that so?

What about the constant lusts?

Looking at all of those women on the porn site while your wife is away. The gambling habit that leaves you wealthy one day, and scraping for pennies the next. Is your alcohol intake: the daily consumption after work that you cannot live without; is that daily craving for more, nice, to you?

Putting God “on hold until further notice” is not realistic, and it is sure not something that goes without notice to Him. Going to church is not what makes one a Christian. Reading the Bible won’t “fix” you. Listening to your own voice: one that can easily be heard, powerfully, over His, is not going to tell you what His true voice would.

Porn is so disgusting. It is a total disgrace. Women and men abusing, selling and indulging in a gift that should only be shared between a man and his wife. Then, for those who watch: those men or women who are married, that’s just another disgrace within itself. The gambling: it explains itself. The love for alcohol. The nasty ways that your body becomes addicted and afflicted by its poisoning.

I don’t know what personal lusts others have, but I do know that I have mine.

Each day, I have to fight off the thoughts of the lifestyle that I used to enjoy so incredibly much. I have to divert myself away from the things that remind me of those times. I have to avoid the people and places. The thoughts alone are, sometimes, too much to bear.

So, what are you lusts?

We cannot be good by performing for our Lord. He compared the works to, “filthy rags,” for good reason. We can only be good by believing the work that Jesus has done for us. The ways in which we choose to live should be aligned, more and more each day, by knowing who and what He is. We have His Word, His Spirit and His voice, right there, next to us. The relationship with Him, is key.

So, do you lust? Do you push the things aside that you know are keeping Him secondary to your damaging desires?

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