A Day At A Time

Oh, Lord…

Help me to be what you would have me be, today. Take away these sinful desires that I have carried along the way. For the many years of this journey with you, I have failed you. I will fail again, Lord. This, you know. I ask that you guide me in your ways throughout this day ahead. 

Lord, thank you for your forgiveness. You know my struggles, my heart and my devotion that falls short of your commands. I am a weak man, my Lord. I am so unstable, in so many ways. Help me to have your eyes to see these flaws in me, today.

Lord, I praise you. I am grateful. I am not worthy. I praise you, dear God, for the unmerited mercy and grace, as my sin fell, fully, upon your Son at the cross. You saw me then: my wrongs, my hurts, my faults, my sinful and broken nature. My aching heart.

You see me now.

Dear God, I praise you for your forgiveness. Today, help me to take up that same cross that you were nailed to. Help me, my Lord, to carry it. Remove this tenacious flesh. 

My strength comes from you, my Lord.



7 thoughts on “A Day At A Time

  1. Amazing prayer of repentance, redemption, restoration and praise. All the key ingredients. A great way to start the day.

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