Our front porch is probably one of my favorite places to experience peace. The morning has much to tell from this little place of comfort.

If I could express in words all of the constant chirps that surround the area. It’s like a symphony of harmonious chatter; a natural beauty that is created by God’s amazing creatures. We have many trees that shelter our families of squirrels and a few bunnies that visit. It’s nice to just sit and observe the mornings’ blessings.

I like to begin my day with the peace of God. Within the little space: this covered porch, within a division of a town under a canopy of greenery, I find rest.

To rest is something that I have mindfully learned to practice within my busy life. In the mornings before moving on to work in the city, I patiently enjoy the calm. I embrace the tranquility of this little part of my life: the morning; a fresh start after a sound night’s rest. It is a true blessing to be able to meditate here in the space that He has provided.

I hope that all who are bombard by the busyness of this life are able to find a space of peace. Those little places yield necessities that can provide us with the calming of God. They can provide the tools of decluttering for the mind and soul. Those little places are where we can experience the true essence of our Creator.

2 thoughts on “Arising

  1. Amen! The peace of God is an amazing thing, truly surpassing all understanding. It is good that you have this place to enjoy that peace. Blessings to you and your family!

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