It’s Just A Move Away

I have vivid memories of my grandmother and I playing checkers. It is probably one of the first board games I had learned to play. The fairly simple game, introduced by my grandma, quickly became a favorite. You probably know its simplicity.

This illustration: a simple move that can overcome the opposing obstacle, shows the opportunity all of us are capable of. If we learn to play the game, plan before executing and make the right moves when the time is right, we can defeat the opponent. Whether those opposing deterrents are physical, psychological or as simple as the game of checkers, we can learn to make the right moves towards victory.

But let’s be real – we don’t always have the right skills or the practice. We don’t always make the right moves. Many times, we think of ourselves as failures; not capable of winning these games within our lives. Our losses have made us lose faith in overcoming or defeating the opposition.

But, that’s okay.

Failures are necessary in order to succeed. Perseverance builds endurance. Accomplishments, after many failing attempts, make the obstacles to come, “no sweat” moments. We stumble, but we get back up and press on.

A pace in the right direction has no set speed, as long as we keep moving.

I pray this morning that if you are stuck in a rut; if you have given up on the game because of numerous attempts that have brought about failure, or if you have sat still, staring at your checker piece while the fear of making a move has terrified you, that you make that move!

Maybe it’s time to study a new strategy. Maybe it’s time to take a leap of faith and know that Jesus is the life coach that can keep your head above water when the waters get too deep. You can do different things that can change the way the game is assessed, looked at and played. Being proactive is not something that can be achieved, sitting still.

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