Song Of Edification

I probably write about birds far too often, but it is because of their comforting chatter which fills the mornings here.

As I am waking up, usually alone, I cannot escape the voices of the feathered creatures outside. Whether I sit at my usual spot in the kitchen or take a seat at the porch, the birds are eagerly tending to their business. What they are saying, I do not know. It sounds like they are happy about it, though.

I watched a bird find bits of food on the sidewalk that runs along the front of our house a few minutes ago. It was just making its way along, gathering a bite here and there. The simple-minded little creature: only concerned about the meal. Food, water and shelter: the only needs that the little one has within each day. Perhaps it has a little family, too. Maybe it is concerned about it?

A humbling reminder had been shown to me this morning. A meek little bird, scavenging for food, had shown me what is ultimately of the most importance: The basics.

Unlike the basics that we and the little creatures need – food, water and shelter – we really only need to be as basic as possible.

I mean, think about it. We spend so much time within our own complications and competitiveness. We take this mind: one much more advanced than the one of the unassertive, humbled little bird, and the pride of our human core demands to be more than. We lose touch with the basics of life. We lose touch with the reality of all of the natural beauty and order within God’s creation.

There’s no time for His pattern. We’ve become too caught up within our own.

I don’t have to crawl around on the floors of our forests and eat the nuts and berries, or sell everything that I have in order to be freed from the grips of what pulls me away from His simplicities. No. I just have to remain in Him. I just have to remember that He has placed me here for a greater purpose: one that exceeds my understanding. The bird does not know why it flies, or why it gathers morsels in the morning’s first light. It just does. Like it, I don’t know why I am here; why God decided to craft me and place me within such a magnificent place as this beautiful, green earth. But, here I am, just like the meek that He also wanted here in my little space this morning.

Anxieties, worries, questions, things unanswered, the depths of my mind, the evil that encapsulates our world, the constant need to know, and have, for at least a few minutes in the morning, is forgotten. The birds sing their reasoning into a mind that has grown accustomed to the clutter. A clutter, right here within the same world the bird and I share. The little, simple-minded bird, as well the lesson made manifest though it, has truly comforted me as I am now moving on for a busy day. A day of the world’s madness.

2 thoughts on “Song Of Edification

  1. Excellent illustration! I also love to listen to the birds on our porch in the early morning. It does remind me to remain calm and trust God.

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