Staring Into Existence

What are these things that we call, “space and time”? We never truly understand it, no matter what theory comes along. No matter how proud we become of the hypothesis.

What is this space that we live in? We divide it up, the infinite, into little compartments. Walls. Fences. Divisions. We claim and fill our spaces, within, outside, with the collections, trying hard to satisfy our desires.

What is the place that we call, “understanding”? Do we truly comprehend?

What is God’s true being, beyond what we can gather from His Word? The Word dwelled among us, only for a moment, and spoke life into all mankind. The teacher of the truth: He that would sustain us, through all of the mystery of this space and time. He gave us a fraction of His essence.

So much left unsaid.

How do we find comfort in the now? I believe that it is managing what we can and leaving the rest to the Lord of all things. The Creator: He who gave me this mind of wonder. The gift of imagination. The loose ends; the untied, bound to the inconclusive, until the day He answers.

What are these wonders? So much a part of us.

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