What The Morning Holds

I remember a time when the light of day was a burden. A completely dreadful time. It was the beginning of another day of worries, anxieties, worthlessness and hopelessness. Each time I would rise in the morning began a course that ushered in the nightmarish realities of my existence.

I had to take action.

Their is a quote from a fictional character in a movie, played by Morgan Freeman. His words, “Get busy living or get busy dying”, have stuck with me throughout the life that I had decided to change.

All the glory to God for guiding me down those roads of the unknown!

I began waking up to new thoughts, new ways, new studies and new possibilities. New life, made possible through His guidance. The joy of knowing God and His Word filled the gaps, and continues to do so. The gaps of the unknown; those unanswered questions and challenges. All of the pains of the twists and turns are placed at His feet at the beginning of each day.

The beginning of days are always a new opportunity to grow in the right direction. It takes time, patience and a humbled mind. It takes the light of God to illuminate the darkened habits, thought processes and behaviors of my past. The things that try so desperately to snuff out the present. The things that try to rob the joy.

I am thankful for a new day of opportunity. I sincerely pray that you have the same courage to face the light of day. Only you can change you.

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