Surpassed Understanding

Yesterday morning, I read the following:

The peace of God: This is the peace spoken of in Philippians 4:7. It is beyond “all mind”; that is, beyond our power of thinking.

“What is God’s peace? The unruffled serenity of the infinitely-happy God, the eternal composure of the absolutely well-contented God.” (Spurgeon)

Which surpasses all understanding: It isn’t that it is senseless and therefore impossible to understand, but that it is beyond our ability to understand and to explain – therefore, it must be experienced.

This peace doesn’t just surpass the understanding of the worldly man; it surpasses all understanding. Even the godly man can not comprehend this peace.

Therefore, it must be experienced.

This small part of an excerpt from the whole ( ) had me thinking about how many do not get to experience the true and living God, through Christ. It is by faith in Him – the triune God; the true God: The Father, Son and Holy Spirit – that one can experience His peace. Experience His “unruffled serenity,” as Spurgeon had stated.

How do we experience this peace that we can never, truly and completely, comprehend? How do you?

I have faith in the coming day of knowing that peace in the life to come. I have faith in His Word and what it says. I have a genuine faith, after having a personal experience while in prayer. I have many experiences which have confirmed the presence of God (what I can only explain as the presence of God) in the years I have been blessed with. It is through a relationship with Him ( the ways of Christ, His written instructive Word, His voice within me, His Spirit ) that I am able to experience a minute fraction of this peace.

Praise God for this!!

In this life -mine, personally – I’ve had to really hone in on the inner workings of God in order to come to a place of peace. My little fraction of His serenity. The silence: those moments when His magnificence within a world of noise, disarray, destruction; the cluttering bauble, the thoughts and emotions of insignificance, are able to be removed, and the light of God is able to be observed. Within that silent moment, I find God. Some moments are longer than others. Some are very, very short.

It’s no wonder to me.

I see just how much this life is plagued by the fallen condition. It becomes very evident within those moments of silence as the light of God illuminates those places of darkness. That constant darkness, trying so desperately to shadow. The contrast is a sure sign of His presence.

Only a short distance traveled along the road with the living God of the purest purity and perfect perfection, has brought me an unexplainable peace. I cannot fathom just how peaceful it will one day be in His presence. I cannot begin to understand just how ( cannot find a word, because no word can explain ) the peace of God will be in the world to come. At least I get a taste of His magnificence while I’m here. I see it all around, especially in nature. In his creatures. In my heart. I see the love of God through the polluted realities of our existence. What do you find?

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